Published: Sat, February 25, 2017
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Blow for Jeremy Corbyn as Tories achieve historic win in Copeland by-election

Blow for Jeremy Corbyn as Tories achieve historic win in Copeland by-election

That she is able to do so, shows that the Prime Minister has successfully renewed the Conservative brand, and is building the foundations for a thumping victory in 2020.

Thousands of people in the area are employed in the nuclear industry, and Mr. Corbyn has a long record of campaigning against nuclear power.

After months of vast polling leads over Labour, the Prime Minister yesterday received proof at the ballot box of her advantage over Jeremy Corbyn.

Copeland, in Cumbria, has a clear identity as a town that powers the rest of the United Kingdom, with 10,000 of its jobs reliant on the nuclear industry at Sellafield and a proposed plant to replace it, Moorside, which could provide up to 20,000 new jobs.

While Labour won Thursday's Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election, its share of the vote fell by more than two per cent.

While May will be happy to take credit for the success, the winning candidate, Trudy Harrison, attributed it to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. It is even rarer for them to gain a seat, as the Conservatives did when Trudy Harrison won Copeland in Cumbria. Nobody can claim losing Copeland was Jeremy Corbyn's "fault": "the fault lies with the careerist right-winger who abandoned the seat in mid-session to take a better job".

Asked by reporters on Friday whether he accepted that Labour's problems were his fault, Mr Corbyn said simply: "No".

So who - or what - are allies of Jeremy Corbyn blaming for the historic defeat?

Smith won the bell-weather marginal seat of Basildon in Essex in 1997 as part of Tony Blair's general election landslide.

Blow for Jeremy Corbyn as Tories achieve historic win in Copeland by-election
Blow for Jeremy Corbyn as Tories achieve historic win in Copeland by-election

The NHS was an issue that we campaigned on but the nuclear [issue] dominated and we couldn't cut through on that one...

Ukip were confident that Hunt's majority of 5,000 at the 2015 general election was vulnerable given Stoke's vote to leave the European Union and Labour's recent struggles.

Labour has traditionally been the Tory party's main opposition but has withered under Corbyn, a veteran leftist whose directionless and sometimes chaotic leadership style has fractured his party. A pragmatic approach. I think if Labour can reach out and explain we need to get the best possible deal we can and have the best possible relationship with Europe.

For example, in 1982 at the height of the Falklands War, a Labour MP defected to the Social Democratic Party in the south London seat of Mitcham and Morden.

Following her win, Harrison said: "I want to thank everybody who backed me to be their next representative in Parliament".

He wrote: "As a party we have forgotten our roots, and have arrogantly assumed that our core support would stay loyal because it has nowhere else to go".

In Stoke, the second of the most important by-elections in recent political history, the Tories lost to Labour, but there were some very interesting readings in a hotly contested seat. Both wrote agonised essays about the future of Labour.

"While it was pleasing to see UKIP put in its place, Stoke should never have been in doubt and the result in Copeland was disastrous", he said.

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