Published: Tue, February 28, 2017
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Is Your Intense Workout Lowering Your Sex Drive?

Is Your Intense Workout Lowering Your Sex Drive?

While it's fairly common knowledge that highly-trained female athletes, particularly those with low body fat percentages, can experience problems with fertility, this is the first study of its kind that indicates highly trained male athletes may also experience similar problems - a fact couples and doctors need to be aware of.

BUFF blokes could be ruining their sex lives by running out of puff at the gym, a study says. The heavier your lifts, the weaker your libido goes.

All right guys, if you're working on a beer belly and wish you hit the pavement more, fear not.

They were also asked whether they do intense, moderate or light exercise.

A new study performed by a team of scientists from the University of North Carolina might make you want to give up on extreme workouts.

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To find out how strenuous workout could affect male sex drive, Hackney and colleagues developed an online survey including almost 1,100 male participants who reported about their sex lives and exercise routines through three separate detailed questionnaires. There were nearly 1,100 men who are active physically.

Anthony Hackey, the lead author of the new study who is a professor of exercise physiology and nutrition, claimed that those who experienced a decreased level of libido were the men who did an extensive workout. It's a fine line, however, as being a couch potato can also tank his (and your) sex drive. 10 superfoods to boost your libido!

In the past, studies on male subjects have offered a few clues that moderate physical activity increases the creation of testosterone, which is the hormone most commonly associated with male sex drive. They hope future research could help figure out the "tipping point" at which level the workout begins to have a negative impact on male sex drive.

Hackney and co-researchers insisted their work doesn't prove high intensity workouts cause a lower sex drive, instead only long and strenuous exercise found to have a connection with lower libido. There is no energy left in him to enjoy sex which is an equally exerting form of physical activity.

Previous research into the effect high-intensity exercise (like marathon training) has on women has found that it can throw off hormone balance - which in turn can lead to lower fertility and sex drive. In the meantime, he said, men worrying about the effects of their training on sex life should try exercising a little less. All his gym visits should be reduced if your sex life is not as steamy as before. We would love to hear from you!

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