Published: Sat, March 04, 2017
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'Horizon Zero Dawn' Tips and Tricks: How to Outlive the Monsters

'Horizon Zero Dawn' Tips and Tricks: How to Outlive the Monsters

Given that this is an action RPG, there's a lot of dialogue and Mass Effect-style chit chat, but the good thing about Horizon Zero Dawn is that if you're really not into that, you can just crack on and take down some Machines, which is as challenging as it is fun.

Our hero, Aloy, must use all the skills of a Nora fearless - and many more unique to our red-haired heroine - as she confronts a growing threat. You'll be thankful after 40 hours of stellar gameplay and wishing there was even more for you to delve into.

During Aloy's Journey through Horizon Zero Down, she will need friends to help her out.

It's obtained from a number of Traders around the world of Horizon, although for the record we sourced ours from the merchant just outside Meridian, by the big bridge leading into the city.

Recall that Horizon Zero Dawn is now available worldwide exclusively on PlayStation 4. The excellent draw-distance - referring to the in-game distance that can be rendered at any point in the game - does a wonderful job conveying the massive scale of the game's geography, complete with robots of all shapes and sizes going about their business in the distance.

The game does not has chapter, instead it has Main quest and once you complete the next one is unlocked.

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Apparently Sony didn't get the memo that the post-holiday period is supposed to be a bit slow in terms of new game releases.

Guerrilla Games nearly made the game another Killzone, but chose to take a very different direction with it.

Horizon Zero Dawn is truly a landmark title for video game graphics and technology, a true benchmark for open world games. It's nearly like the story of the Terminator, except the machines are a bit nicer to nature and actually act like animals. Tools like the Tripcaster, which allows you to lay down all manner of explosive tripwire traps, or the Ropecaster, which allows you to anchor machines in place, work together to exploit the machines' behaviour in different ways, and each fight depends on bringing the right combination of weapons, arrows and traps to best exploit the specific behaviours of each of the 26 types of machine. The game benefits from brighter and deeper colors, more contrast and a sense of vibrancy that you won't find in other games that don't have HDR support.

Since its launch, "Horizon Zero Dawn" has never failed to blow gamers away.

Forbes' Erik Kain calls the game simultaneously breathtaking and tedious. Particularly on the PS4 Pro where it features 4K HDR visuals, the game proves to be not just one of the best-looking but also one of the most exciting games of all time.

Truly new properties of this calibre are to be treasured and applauded, especially in a landscape full of remakes and sequels as far as the eye can see. He even says the NPC characters are cookie-cutter level, and their acting is laughably bad.

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