Published: Thu, March 09, 2017
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Paired-off Americans have sex less often

Paired-off Americans have sex less often

So, are long hours at work to blame for Americans' declining libido? That number is even below the frequency for never-married people, who have sex an average of 59 times a year.

But a major factor for this decline stems from a steady decline in the rate of sexual activity for people who are married or living with partners.

Americans had sex 16 fewer times annually in the latest look at how we spend our time.

Lead author and San Diego State University professor Jean M. Twenge found in another study that American adults' happiness declined between 2000 and 2014.

One of the factors for this decline is the increase in the percentage of unpartnered people, who tend to have less sex than partnered ones.

Adults in the USA are having less sex than we were 25 years ago, according to a new study published Tuesday in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

"Are they less happy and thus having less sex or are they having less sex and therefore less happy?" They're also marrying later. Statistically speaking, that's an ideal age because couples who marry in their early 20s have a higher divorce risk than slightly older couples.

Millennials it turns out, have fewer sexual partners than the generation before them, and younger people now are having less sex than their parents did at their age. Only 59 percent of people lived with a significant other in 2014 compared to 66 of American adults who lived with a partner in 1986. Wouldn't you prefer to have really, truly satisfying sex once a week, rather than a fairly subpar quickie three times a week?

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Since 1989, researchers have collected data on sexual habits via the General Social Survey (Twenge used this database for her new study).

If you've noticed that you're getting laid less often, you're not alone.

"We found that these young generations [Millennials and iGen] have sex less frequently than previous generations did at the same age", says Twenge. Twenge and her co-authors reached this conclusion. But researchers think that respondents' miscalculations tend to balance each other out.

Americans have been saying more often: Honey, not tonight.

In the early 2000s, Sherman said, unmarried individuals surpassed married individuals in terms of total sexual frequency.

The authors suggest the trends are likely down to a number of influences.

Sex lives are lacking all across America - at least that's what a new study released in the Archives of Sexual Behavior journal insinuated. "It's probably some of both", Twenge said in a statement.

Wells worked in coordination with Jean M. Twenge of San Diego State University and Ryne A. Sherman of Florida Atlantic University in analyzing data from the General Social Survey, a nationally representative survey of more than 30,000 USA adults that gathered information about how often people have sex. One of them is greater access to entertainment and social media.

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