Published: Sat, March 11, 2017
Electronics | By Lorenzo Hawkins

Microsoft unveils new ARM server designs, threatening Intel's dominance

Microsoft unveils new ARM server designs, threatening Intel's dominance

Qualcomm on Wednesday announced a collaboration with Microsoft to accelerate next-generation cloud services on the 10nm Qualcomm Centriq 2400 ARM-based platform.

The victor appears to be Qualcomm which says it is working on a variety of cloud workloads to run on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform powered by Qualcomm Centriq 2400 server solutions. The company is set to announce new components and partners for the project, and discuss these plans later today in a keynote speech by Kushagra Vaid, general manager of Azure Hardware Infrastructure during the Open Compute Project Summit in Santa Clara, California.

The prospect of running Windows Server on ARM infrastructure in datacenters was just speculative talk about six years ago.

But on the other hand, Microsoft has never been very successful with Windows built for anything other than x86 processors, so much so that "Wintel"-Windows on Intel-became synonymous with the PC platform".

This announcement comes after Microsoft last year revealed Qualcomm's ARM-based chips will be able to run the full Windows 10 OS later this year. He claimed not a single line of code is different between the ARM64 Windows Server 2016 build for Qualcomm and Cavium's processors. When the excitement around ARM server chips started spreading as early as 2011, Intel countered with low-power Atom chips for microservers, which doused the enthusiasm around ARM. Because MS thinks it's good to have more than one chip player in the datacenter?

Intel and its x86 processor architecture have always been the dominant duo in backend computing infrastructure, such as datacenters. All of the above/none of the above?

Secondly, there is an established developer and software ecosystem for ARM.

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Intel and Qualcomm are supposedly going head-to-head in the market, all the while AMD is also attacking Intel's supremacy in the processor market with their 32-core Naples Chips and Ryzen Chips.

"As always, the outcome of this battle for the data centre will be determined by execution and whilst we see no immediate threat to Intel, Qualcomm and Microsoft represent its greatest threat to date". The key to this is performance and here Intel has historically beaten ARM-based processors hands down time and again.

Q: Your blog post says ARM servers are good for internal cloud applications such as search and indexing, storage, databases, big data and machine learning workloads.

Putting Windows Server on ARM is a big deal. The company also has onsite engineering at the software firm to maximize a version of Windows Server for the internal use of Microsoft in its data centers. Besides, if Microsoft is serious about ARM, then Qualcomm is the natural choice of partners.

Intel has "about 98 percent" of the server market today, and "this is a choke hold on innovation", remarked Kevin Krewell, a principal analyst at Tirias Research.

Microsoft and QDT are collaborating with an eye to the future addressing server acceleration and memory technologies that have the potential to shape the data center of tomorrow... There's no word yet on whether Microsoft will sell an ARM-based version of Windows Server to external customers.

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