Published: Wed, March 15, 2017
Global | By Doris Richards

Father of child who interrupted BBC interview: "it's a comedy of errors"

Father of child who interrupted BBC interview:

Following the interview, some suggested Mrs Kim was in fact the children's nanny, leading to discussions about how Asian woman are perceived. Because she's earned it, and her dad might be a well-respected professor in his field but let's face it, we're all in it for her. "But not like the interview" last week. She said she was initially anxious that the botched interview would ruin her husband's career and prevent him from making other media appearances.

Talking to the Wall Street Journal about the interview, which went viral as a result, Robert likened the experience as a "comedy of errors".

"She was in a hippity-hoppity mood that day because of the school party", Kelly said, explaining that it was her fourth birthday.

Holding his baby son, Mr Kelly said in his first interview since the incident that he and his wife found the video just as amusing as everyone else, but they were also mortified at the prospect of having "completely blown our relationship" with the BBC and anxious that Mr Kelly might never be asked to speak on television again.

Since airing, the Facebook clip has since been viewed over 84 million times and has received coverage from outlets in Nigeria to Australia. And because you know you all were wondering, Kelly confirmed: "Yes, I was wearing trousers".

Robert and Kim sat down with the Wall Street Journal, with Kim laughing that "he usually locks the door!" She was front and center.

First off, she rightfully points the finger right at Kelly: "Yeah, most of the time he locks the door", she said before he bursts into laughter.

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"And then I saw the door was open", she said. "It was some chaos for me".

"I made this minor mistake that turned my family into YouTube stars", he said.

Ms Kim told the BBC their viral fame had been somewhat stressful, her husband said the pair were "pretty uncomfortable" about the assumption by many that she was the nanny.

Perhaps Marion is all about the element of surprise.

Still, as they shy away from the spotlight and hope the whole thing fades away, Kelly says that epic video has actually left the couple with a lot of good vibes.

"We watched it multiple times, too, and our families have watched it as well. It's amusing", Kelly told James Menendez, the BBC presenter who conducted the original interview.

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