Published: Wed, March 15, 2017
Global | By Doris Richards

Seattle immigrant rights group takes aim at revised travel ban

Seattle immigrant rights group takes aim at revised travel ban

In their legal challenge, the attorneys general claim the new executive order will hurt residents, colleges and universities, health care providers and businesses.

In February, Robart suspended Trump's first travel ban, a broad executive order issued January 27 that suspended the refugee program, halted travel of citizens of seven Muslim majority countries, including those who already had been issued visas, and triggered chaos and protests at airports worldwide.

Washington state went back to Robart to argue that the new ban is essentially the same as the first one and that the emergency halt, which was upheld by a federal appeals court, should still apply.

"My message to President Trump is - not so fast", Ferguson told reporters.

The new order undoubtedly reduces the number of people with standing to sue, but civil liberties advocates and others say it is still legally problematic.

The attorney general of NY said global students from the six designated countries enrolled in local institutions were worth an estimated $28.8 million to the state's economy in 2015.

It denies USA entry to all refugees for 120 days and halts for 90 days the granting of visas to nationals from Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Sudan.

The revised ban suspends the admission of refugees to the USA for 120 days.

Federal judges struck down the first order mainly because it banned foreigners who already had legal permanent residence (known as a green card) or valid visas to enter the country.

The state of Hawaii was the first to file a lawsuit challenging the ban in the state's federal district court.

"The order's objective is to prevent future terrorist attacks before they occur". Hawaii had an internment camp.

Iraq has been dropped from the list after the Iraqi government and the U.S. State Department were able to come to terms over vetting procedures, and, most importantly for court hearings, the order discarded the language that favored persecuted religious minorities.

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Spicer said during the White House briefing Thursday that administration officials "feel very confident with how that was crafted and the input that was given".

California, Maryland, Massachusetts, and joined the lawsuit originally filed by Washington.

"We have a strong case and they are willing to join our efforts", he said of his fellow Democrats.

Additionally, the states filed almost 50 new "declarations" from residents, educational institutions, businesses and religious organizations, which set forth numerous harms they claim to face under the new executive order.

So far, the states of Washington and Minnesota and the Justice Department have filed notices.

As result, the judge issued a temporary restraining order blocking application of the new travel ban in this particular case, but not for any other families.

The revised travel ban is scheduled to go into effect on Thursday, March 16. State attorneys said that the order would cause extensive harm to Hawaii's Muslim population and its economy that relies heavily on tourism. Trump supporters say the president is fulfilling his campaign promises to protect Americans. A hearing could also come as soon as Wednesday in a third challenge filed by six USA states.

Unless the ban is overturned, the refugee restrictions mean that Syrian resettlement in Rutland won't resume until July, at the earliest.

The mam is a USA citizen, has rights and would be prevented from seeing his mother-in-law, Chin said.

The woman and others have become victims because of the ban's "standardless set of waivers and exceptions that weren't set by Congress", Chin said.

Following Trump's initial ban, Iraqi lawmakers had voted for a travel ban on USA citizens.

Trump had responded by insulting the federal magistrate, James Robart, calling him a "so-called judge".

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