Published: Fri, March 17, 2017
Business | By Sandy Mccarthy

A Volcanic Explosion in Italy Injured 10 People

A Volcanic Explosion in Italy Injured 10 People

"A few people injured, I received a bruise on my head but am generally fine and having a good, well-deserved beer in this moment!"

A BBC team and a number of tourists were slightly injured when Mt Etna erupted unexpectedly earlier today. Boiling hot rocks were sent flying into the air, raining down on the journalists and others who happened to be near the top of the mountain.

Guides and rescue teams led everyone off the mountain, she said.

"The material thrown into the air fell back down, striking the heads and bodies of people who were closest", said the president of an Italian Alpine Club.

Several people were taken to hospitals in Catania and Acireale after the eruption Thursday morning, the Italian newspaper Il Corriere reported. None of the injuries was listed as grave.

Mount Etna erupts a few times a year.

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"I am generally fine and having a good, well-deserved beer in this moment", he added.

Rebecca Morelle, a global science correspondent, live-tweeted her experience from the scene - after running down the mountain to escape the blast.

The victims suffered burns, cuts and bruises when spewing magma hit snow, causing an explosion.

Morelle said a big ash cloud was visible above Etna and the plume from the explosion was visible a long way off. "Volcanologist said most risky incident experience in his 30-year career".

According to Morelle, a "huge explosion" was caused by a lava flow mixing with steam - which seems to have been created by the molten liquid running over snow.

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