Published: Sat, March 18, 2017
Health Care | By Kelly Miles

Ryan says Trump playing constructive role on healthcare

But Ryan did not commit to a timetable for passage, and his acknowledgment that the bill needs changes to pass was itself a change. "This isn't going to get any easier the longer we leave it hanging out there". Once that came out, there was a risk of losing even more members of the Republican party to back the bill once voting commences.

At an all-hands meeting of House Republicans, vice-president Mike Pence and party leaders urged their rank-and-file to unite behind the legislation. A handful of Budget panel members, including Reps. Gary Palmer of Alabama, Dave Brat of Virginia and Mark Sanford of North Carolina - opposed the GOP plan on the ground it didn't go far enough in overhauling Obamacare.

Trump used campaign-like language in his Wednesday night speech, pledging "to repeal and replace awful, disastrous Obamacare".

Trump held a campaign-style rally in Nashville and Tom Price, secretary of Health and Human Services, appeared on a CNN Town Hall, to promote the effort.

"We're trying to do too much too quick as Republicans, we're running through stop signs", he said. And though he's been one of Trump's unwavering supporters, including using his position on the Armed Services Committee to defend the president over Russian Federation, he's not ready to fall in line yet, especially given the mixed signals Trump has sent on whether he actually supports the bill as-is. "The only way you're going to get it passed is with Republican votes".

House GOP leadership and the White House are working hard to sell the measure to both conservatives and moderates in the party who have different sets of concerns about the bill.

Freedom Caucus chairman Rep. Mark Meadows said that his whip count remains unchanged at 40 noes after the changes, which he dismissed because they were optional for states.

"For every action it creates an equal and opposite reaction sure some of that is going to be able to be moved back and forth".

"All of these "nos" or 'potential nos" are all 'yeses, ' Trump told reporters after the meeting. Pence met repeatedly with House Republicans but rebels still abounded.

MI has enrolled more than 650,000 low-income residents in its unique Medicaid expansion program.

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Up until now opposition is the only stance newer lawmakers like Cotton have experienced, but he makes no apologies, accusing House leaders of rushing the bill through committee last week before getting an analysis from the Congressional Budget Office. They hope to bring it to the full House next week.

With a steady trickle of Republicans coming out against the bill, Ryan is sending the message he won't drop any of its four main elements - refundable tax credits, health savings accounts, the phaseout of Medicaid expansion and the ban on insurers denying coverage over pre-existing conditions - according to a senior Republican aide.

"We made certain changes but frankly very little."

Republicans have been scrambling to salvage their bill after Congress' analysts said some 24 million would be shoved off insurance in the next decade under the GOP bill.

Ryan told reporters that he and the other Republican leaders could now make "some necessary improvements and refinements" to the legislation, reflecting an urgency to buttress support. Right now, there are not enough backers to get the bill out of the House of Representatives.

House Republicans from swing districts aren't interested in taking a risky vote on legislation that may be dead on arrival in the Senate.

"On balance and with the changes we agreed to in the bill's final text, I can vote for it", Walker said in a statement afterward. "The CBO score has modified the dynamics".

Graham then addressed the controversy surrounding the bill. The vote was blamed by some for the Democrats' historic loss the next year.

Justin Amash, R-Mich., turned to Twitter after the president spoke to make it clear not all conservatives had been flipped.

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