Published: Mon, March 20, 2017
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Colo. senators to introduce Gorsuch at confirmation hearing

Colo. senators to introduce Gorsuch at confirmation hearing

And nearly every national LGBT group opposes his confirmation.

The Democrats' grogginess is a reflection, party strategists say, of their overextension, channeling energy and dollars toward a perhaps more winnable fight on defending Obamacare; of their depleted coffers following a costly 2016 presidential campaign; and of their poor political positioning, largely seeing Gorsuch as clean, qualified and tough to attack, at least before the hearings begin Monday. "Basically, it fell upon me to put forward a name and I selected Neil Gorsuch to nominate", said Allard, who noted Gorsuch's academic credentials and support from the legal community. The left hailed this gibberish as proof of a thoughtful temperament, when in reality it's a feel-good argument to subvert the constitutional duties of the president and the court to feelings.

In the case of Mr. Gutierrez-Brizuela and others in his shoes, the agency was the Board of Immigration Appeals, operating under the USA attorney general.

Although in the minority, Democrats could attempt to block Gorsuch by using a procedural tactic, the filibuster, which would require a three-fifths majority vote to confirm him. At the time, Supreme Court precedents held that OR would have to justify its law under the highest standard of constitutional proof, known as strict scrutiny. The historic Supreme Court decision extending marriage equality nationwide didn't happen out of thin air; it was built upon decades of other crucial civil rights cases, including the Court's 2013 ruling striking down the Defense of Marriage Act. "Gorsuch argues that recognizing this right to autonomy would mean that the state would have to allow every type of voluntary adult intimacy, even those he thinks should clearly be illegal".

The website includes a search option for browsing the judge's opinions by keywords.

That is a particularly bold statement. Moreover, although he is a very conservative jurist, he would be replacing a justice with a similar ideological disposition.

When Gorsuch was nominated to the high court last month, Dr.

But traditional Democratic big spenders, such as the super PAC Priorities USA and the advocacy network led by Democratic operative David Brock, have not spent any money on paid media to defeat Gorsuch, and as of Thursday they had no plans to.

"It has, indeed, been smooth and well-executed, largely because he's such an appealing candidate", Jeffrey Rosen, president and chief executive officer of the National Constitution Center, a congressionally chartered educational institution, said in an interview Friday. This is a singular chance to educate the American people about constitutionalism and the legal process.

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Gorsuch has served on the Denver-based 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals since 2006.

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His other pre-court writings revealed his ability to parse language to suit his needs.

David Harsanyi is a senior editor at The Federalist. Instead, he and his fellow editors explained, it was a "forum" for debate on "the issues of the day".

As a federal judge, Gorsuch's record on abortion is basically silent. "Tell Jon Tester: stop the obstruction and confirm Gorsuch". In fact, said the friend, Gorsuch and his wife have been very welcoming of the man and his husband. Maddin seemed to act reasonably, and an administrative law judge ruled that his firing was illegal because federal law protects employees who refuse to operate a vehicle in unsafe conditions.

But having a gay law clerk or friend has not always translated into a belief that LGBT people should have equal protection under the law.

"He is going to make an exceptional Supreme Court justice", said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican.

Yet, evidence that the trend is continuing is witnessed by the public battle over Gorsuch's nomination, Whitehouse said. In a speech honoring White, Gorsuch said he admired White "enormously". By his own admission, Neil Gorsuch is not that justice.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition March 17, 2017.

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