Published: Thu, April 13, 2017
Life&Culture | By Ted Wilson

Teen's quest for Wendy's nuggets gets huge Twitter support

Teen's quest for Wendy's nuggets gets huge Twitter support

A 16-year old teen from the United States is now on course for the most retweets of all time, after the fast-food chain Wendy's set him a huge social media challenge in exchange for a year's supply of free chicken nuggets.

When Wilkerson crossed the million mark, a Wendy's spokesperson replied on twitter, "Officially shook".

Now at more than 2 million retweets, Wilkerson's call for help is on track to beat the most retweeted post of all time: Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar selfie, which reached 3.2 million retweets.

It's nuts to expect a kid to get 18 million RTs, but Carter is actually on his way. "Then I put the screen shot up and it started gaining momentum".

In response to Wendy's challenge, Carter said, "Consider it done", in another post.

All Carter Wilkerson wanted was some free chicken nuggets - now he has one of the most retweeted tweets of all time. "I don't know if it was a metaphor or literal", Wilkerson says.

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It's up to the 313 million Twitter users around the world to get Wilkerson his beloved nuggets. "My wife and I think it's great if it has a great cause other than eating chicken nuggets for a year", he said.

Surely they're going to give the guy the chicken nuggets regardless of whether he reaches the target or not, right?

Carter said it would be nice to receive a consolation prize, and many of his followers agree.

Carter told USA Today Wendy's privately messaged him and asked for his address, but never specified further details.

Wendy's did not immediately respond to a Reno Gazette-Journal tweet requesting more details.

What happens next? Well, Wendy's has yet to respond beyond eye emojis. And Carter got to work.

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