Published: Thu, April 13, 2017
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WWE stars that could use a move in the Superstar Shakeup

WWE stars that could use a move in the Superstar Shakeup

On the other hand, Sami Zayn may have been the most underutilized competitor. Apollo Crews, Curt Hawkins and Kalisto are on the "Monday Night Raw" roster after they failed to come close to sniffing a title during nine months on "SmackDown Live". That got our brains working here at SLAM! But Smackdown's turn to raid the opposition roster is still to come. Thus, this is a clear win for RAW. A good reclamation project can start there.

The Superstar who needs to change brands the most is Sami Zayn, by far.

Wrestlemania 33 put in place the pieces that would be the current state of WWE Champions. No matter how fake you might think wrestling is, this does greatly affect the lives of some wrestlers, potentially altering their careers or breaking up relationships (as was the case with Big Cass and Carmella being on different shows).

It was a very interesting week for both Raw and Smackdown as the WWE announced its "Superstar Shake Up".

There's also hints that Alexa Bliss will be using Nia Jax as the muscle to her mouth.

Fight Forever - Kicking off the night was Kevin Owens, which was probably the most obvious switch that we were going to see last night with Dean Ambrose already on Raw. However, this does make me nervous.

DAVE HILLHOUSE: In the olden days, show swaps like this were tinged with the sense of demotions and promotions, and Smackdown was clearly the second-tier show. Does he get lost in the mix on RAW? So why not go full hot stove with this and grade each of the moves that were made between brands? The red brand has been struggling with viewers while SmackDown beat Raw previous year thanks in large part to Styles.

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Gronkowski, who was ringside in Boston, got revenge on Mahal by beckoning over the latest Smackdown signing before throwing a beer in his face, a reverse of fortunes from Wrestlemania. The title match is still on, though the one wearing the United States title could be someone else if the "Prizefighter" loses his title before the pay-per-view.

After what happened in the opening segment, a triple threat match among AJ Styles, Corbin, and Sami Zayn took place to determine the number one contender for the U.S. title. He's looked great since returning to the company and is in fantastic shape. He feuded with Dean Ambrose, he feuded with Ziggler, and him and Maryse had a WrestleMania feud with Cena and Bella. He featured in a singles contest against Mojo Rawley only to end up losing.

With Wyatt moving to RAW, Harper can remain on Smackdown and be out of the shadows of his former mentor.

Bray Wyatt goes to RAW, The New Day goes to Smackdown.

But, who could those stars be?

Both Women's Titles now have some fresh faces to combat for them as Alexa Bliss can take on Bayley, and Charlotte will easily dominate Smackdown. I also believe The Revival would be better served with the smaller teams of "SmackDown", because "Raw" is mostly bruisers like Cesaro, Sheamus, Gallows and Anderson. Well being WWE Creative seem determined to have everyone of significance being crushed beneath the Superman punches and spears of Roman Reigns, in the mistaken belief that this will get the audience to cheer him as a babyface, John Cena is the next logical wrestler to put Reigns over. Baron Corbin stepped in and asked for a shot at the title but KO refused. However, one of these wrestlers defended their title on the main card of Wrestlemania, and the other was relegated to the pre-show.

What do you think will happen?

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