Published: Fri, April 14, 2017
U.S. | By Jeffery Vega

MA senators in middle of pack when it comes to popularity

MA senators in middle of pack when it comes to popularity

And Davis says Sanders is poised to play a key role in shaping the Democratic presidential primary campaign in 2020. So far in Donald Trump's presidency, Democrats have doubled down on their failed strategy of depending on Trump to provide Democrats with ammunition against him and hoping that his unpopularity will result in electoral victories.

Sanders told the Associated Press this week that Trump would be a one-term president because of his support for policies like the GOP health care bill. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., who notched a 70 percent approval rating from Vermonters surveyed.

A FiveThirtyEight report from January 2011 analyzed presidential approval ratings leading up to successful re-elections and found that every president who won two terms in office had a presidential approval rating of at least 49 percent going into his second general election.

"I do not believe that if Trump continues these policies that he's going to be re-elected".

"At a time of massive income and wealth inequality and a shrinking middle class, we need a government which represents all Americans, not just Wall Street, multinational corporations and the top 1 percent", Sanders and Perez said in a joint statement. Bernie Sanders doesn't think Trump will last, and he was pretty straightforward about it.

Taiwan Makes History With Cat And Dog Meat Consumption Ban
Under the new law Taiwan has also banned making dogs walk or run alongside a auto or scooter by attaching to the vehicle. The measure also doubles the maximum penalty for animal cruelty to up to two years in prison and a $65,000 fine.

Tim Terrific: Tebow homers in 1st AB as Mets minor leaguer
The Fireflies continue their opening homestand with a three-game set against the Hickory (North Carolina) Crawdads on Monday. He told reporters after the game that he wasn't aware he'd hit a homer until the umpire told him to "keep going".

Assad speaks with Iran's president, who affirms support
Haley said "getting Assad out is not the only priority" and that countering Iran's influence in Syria was another. The strikes have raised a slew of questions about the Trump administration's ultimate goals for Syria.

"He won the election", said Sanders in a November 2016 interview on CBS's "Face the Nation".

But The Bernie Sanders Show already looks like it will be much more serious - not to mention it will nearly certainly be better than Hillary Clinton's podcast, With Her, which died a spectacular death two days before the election. "I'm sorry he did not win". "We could put millions of people to work rebuilding the infrastructure".

Starting next Monday, Senator Bernie Sanders and other party leaders will travel to nine mainly Republican leaning states to focus on grassroots activism and the needs of working families.

UVM political science professor Garrison Nelson thinks Sanders ran a very strong race for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2016 and that he's now taken on an important leadership role within the Party.

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