Published: Tue, April 18, 2017
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The Girls series finale never stood a chance

The Girls series finale never stood a chance

Hannah tries again to get the baby to latch, and when he does, a look of accomplishment spreads across her face. But whatever. I'd read that was on goal, to show the world Hannah - all of her, and her beautifully real body.

And any lingering perception that this was just another show celebrating female friendship was put to rest in the April 9 episode, as the "Girls" quartet - Hannah, Marnie (Allison Williams), Jessa (Jemima Kirke), and Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) - crowded into a bathroom to have it out one last time. Konner and Dunham saw Jessa as a more suitable partner for Adam from the first time the two appeared in a scene together. While I support self-reflection and personal growth, both in real life and in storytelling, if you're constantly apologizing for things like, oh, I don't know, joking about wishing you had an abortion or maybe assuming a black athlete you sat next to was a chauvinist who only sees women as objects or animals, then maybe that growth needs to happen somewhere that isn't in front of a microphone or on a giant platform. At this moment in her life, living with her mom in New Jersey, she is not only directionless, but she's lost all the people who were supposed to give her that attention and affection. That to me was the moment that Hannah recognizes she's passed the baton of youth to that young girl, moving on to her new self, her new beginning in life. Lots of millennials said the show didn't "represent" them.

So yes, I think that last shot, from the previous episode, when all four girls are dancing in Shoshanna's apartment, is completely fitting for a "Girls" season finale. The outfits were meant to make you squirm, with Dunham admitting she took inspiration from, in broad strokes, "that outfit you can't believe you wore, but you know spent three days dreaming up". It's easier to successfully swaddle a tiny body if your own wasn't recently split in half by childbirth, and if you have a Marnie, she'll make it look easy. She can't get Grover to breastfeed and she's taking it personally, like he's another boy who's rejected her.

With "Girls" and "Get Out", I've been lucky enough to work with two first-time, basically, writer- directors who had this very clear vision of the tone and landscape and subject matter.

We open with a nice throwback to the first scene of the pilot, where Hannah and Marnie spoon in bed together. Marnie's personality is such that she was not going to let anyone else [help Hannah with her baby].

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What did you think of the Girls series finale? Dunham herself reveled in Hannah's zaftig size - who can forget her playing topless ping pong - and poked at our beauty conventions with her pigtails and exposed thighs. I couldn't fit years of frustration at the show's emotional water-treading into each review, and so each gapes at the novel growth its characters achieve, and the incisiveness they bring when not forced to dick around in the same old self-defeating cycles. (As if you thought Girls would end without seeing Lena Dunham pantsless one more time.) She returns to her house, where Loreen and Marnie are drinking wine on the porch. It also saw her telling someone else to put their clothes on for once, when she lent her pants to a teenage neighbour missing her own. It's her big epiphany that everything will be okay, that's it's hard as hell, but she can do it and she and Grover are going to be just fine. But in many ways, she really did win friendship. I don't feel that we're saying, "Now she's a good mom because she can breastfeed" or something like that. Hannah offers her nipple to her son, and dares to hope for the best. Don't even bother asking her for her outline, because it's highly unlikely that she'd share it with you.

"You are not getting away from this without full nudity", said Dunham. When Marnie realized she couldn't handle her best friend, she calls Hannah's mom for help. Hannah wants her trousers back. The joke was just how wrong each of them was about the other.

Konner: Yeah. We were just trying to find the vaguely elegant way to show that transition for her.

Why did you want to center the final episode around Hannah's baby not being able to breastfeed? She still wants to breastfeed him and she still wants to stay, for his whole life. This all began with her, as well, sitting across Hannah at a dinner in some NY restaurant and informing her that the purse strings were about to be finally severed.

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