Published: Thu, April 20, 2017
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Senate confirms Trump pick Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court

Senate confirms Trump pick Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court

He will fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant by the late Justice Antonin Scalia, who died suddenly last February.

Gorsuch's confirmation Friday was preceded by a Senate floor showdown Thursday in which Democrats initially mounted a filibuster, denying Gorsuch the 60 votes needed to proceed. The vote comes after the majority Republicans changed the rules to abolish the filibuster for SCOTUS nominees, in order to overcome opposition from Democrats.

North Carolina's senators, both Republicans, were supportive of Gorsuch.

Democratic Sens. Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.), Joe Manchin (W.Va.) and Joe Donnelly (Ind.) voted with Republicans in favor of Gorsuch's confirmation.

So Trump will have his justice in Gorsuch, 49, who absent the Garland fiasco might be more easily accepted by Democrats, as the party not in the White House generally respects the choice of the elected president, even if the president's choice would not be that of the other party.

"Alexander Hamilton said in Federalist No. 78 that the court has 'neither force nor will, but merely judgment.' I think that is what we should be looking for in a nominee to any court, but especially the Supreme Court", said Sen.

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Merkley this week delivered a 15-1/2-hour Senate speech against Gorsuch.

With the exception of three, Democratic senators seemed poised to vote against Gorsuch's confirmation.

The Supreme Court said Mr Gorsuch will be sworn in as the 113th justice on Monday in separate ceremonies at the court and the White House. Merkley said Thursday. "For the first time in our nation's history, a Supreme Court seat has been stolen". Richard Burr. "Justice Gorsuch will serve the American people well as a defender of the Constitution". In exit polls, 21 percent of voters called Supreme Court appointments "the most important factor" for their votes, and among those people 56 percent voted for Trump.

Gorsuch's conformation came after bitter partisan warfare in the Senate. He can then prepare for the court's next round of oral arguments, starting on April 17. In 2005, a bipartisan deal headed off GOP plans to remove the filibuster barrier for lower-court nominees, but in 2013 Democrats took the step, leaving the filibuster in place only for Supreme Court justices.

McConnell's decision a year ago to hold the Supreme Court seat open was seen as a gamble, questioned even by some in his party, but it's now viewed by Republicans as a political master stroke. There are appeals pending on expanding gun rights to include carrying concealed firearms in public, state voting restrictions that critics say are aimed at reducing minority turnout, and allowing business owners to object on religious grounds to provide certain services to gay couples.

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