Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
Global | By Doris Richards

White House Misled Public About Defensive Measures Against North Korea

By the time Pentagon said United States was sending an aircraft carrier, vessels were temporarily headed in the opposite direction. This contradicts earlier announcements by USA authorities that the supercarrier strike group was heading towards the Korean Peninsula amid possibilities of North Korean provocations.

Media across the world reported the alleged movement of the Vinson to an area near North Korea, interpreting it as a warning to North Korea over prospective missile or nuclear weapons tests.

"Trump, (Vice President Mike) Pence and (Secretary of Defense James) Mattis all used this to raise tension and pressure North Korea".

Several news reports last week claimed the Carl Vinson and several ships that accompany it were steaming toward the Sea of Japan to keep a close eye on North Korea.

The flotilla, led by aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, had left Singapore for an undisclosed destination on April 9, just days after Trump ordered missiles into Syria, and it was assumed to be headed for the Korean peninsula.

However, a photo published by the Navy on Saturday showed that the USS Carl Vinson was actually in the Sunda Strait in India.

That's convenient, because when Trump said that, the armada in question was actually sailing the opposite direction to the Indian Ocean for joint exercises - not toward North Korea to serve as a deterrent.

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The U.S. Navy's Flickr account is not usually a source of headline news, but it drew considerable attention on Tuesday after a new photo of the carrier Carl Vinson appeared to contradict widespread reports of her impending arrival off North Korea.

Rear Admiral Jim Kilby, Commander, Carrier Strike Group One made the announcement public on the carrier's Facebook page.

Japan, the other main USA ally in the region, did not comment on the mix-up. The country's United Nations envoy, Kim In Ryong, said this week that the US had pushed the Korean Peninsula to the "brink of war".

An elaborate celebration to mark the birthday of North Korean founder Kim Il Song included an animated video showing missiles from the isolated c... On Apr. 12, the very next day, Trump even said that the U.S. was sending a powerful "armada" to North Korea.

"North Korea is the most unsafe and urgent threat to peace and security in the Asia-Pacific", Mr Pence said. That's not what we ever said. White House officials said a sequence of communication miscues with the Defense Department were to blame for the mix-up. The next day, the U.S.

Spicer also denied that Trump misspoke when he talked about the ships.

It isn't clear yet whether the storyline about the Carl Vinson was the product of deliberate deception by the Navy, defense officials in Washington or the White House, or whether internal miscommunication within the government might have turned the snowball into the avalanche.

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