Published: Sat, April 22, 2017
Global | By Doris Richards

How suspected bus bomber hoped to make millions

Reporters and cameramen gather near a house in Rottenburg where German police arrested a man suspected of planting explosives targeting the bus of the Borussia Dortmund football team.

Federal prosecutors said the suspect, who also was staying in the same hotel as the team, had bought 15,000 put options for a total of 78,000 euros ($80,000) on the Internet for shares in Borussia Dortmund, the only top club in Germany that is publicly listed.

The attacker who bombed the Borussia Dortmund team bus, which injured Spanish worldwide, Marc Bartra, and a police officer, had a shocking motive.

Experts had cast "considerable doubts" on messages containing purported claims of responsibility suggesting radical Islamist motives, they added.

The 28-year-old suspect, who has dual German and Russian citizenship, faces charges of attempted murder, causing an explosion and inflicting serious bodily harm.

Several windows on the bus were shattered in the blasts, injuring defender Marc Bartra.

Prosecutors said they traced the computer used to purchase the put options to the luxury hotel in Dortmund where the team had been staying.

Koehler said there was "no indication so far" of accomplices, but said investigators did not rule out that others were involved.

"You could expect a massive drop in values of the shares if players had been injured or even killed during the attack".

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Citing unnamed investigators, Bild said police believed the suspect was capable of building a remotely-triggered bomb, having won an educational award in electronics and engineering in 2005.

On the morning before the attack, he bought 15,000 warrants for an estimated €78,000 (£65,000) and media could have gained nearly €4m from a major collapse in BVB shares.

The assault was described by Dortmund city's police chief as a "targeted attack" against the team, while Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was "horrified" by the "repugnant act".

German prosecutors say the 28-year-old man arrested on suspicion of attacking the Borussia Dortmund team bus had taken out a five-figure loan to bet on a drop in the clubs' stock by purchasing financial derivatives.

Dortmund's first-leg match against Monaco was postponed and the team lost 3-2 to Monaco the next day.

Sergei W has planted three explosives packed with long shards of shrapnel along the bus' path, as it made it's way from the L'Arrivee hotel for a Champions League match against AS Monaco on April 11.

The fact that, aside from Bartra, "no others were wounded or even killed, was - as we know today - exclusively due to huge luck", it said.

After initially investigating the possibility that Islamist extremists or activists from the far-right and left were behind the attack, authorities arrested a suspect Friday they said was motivated by greed alone.

A right-wing extremist letter claiming responsibility for the attacks was sent to the press after the bombing, prosecutors say.

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