Published: Sat, April 22, 2017
Science | By Kerry Wheeler

The March for Science isn't about what you think it's about

The March for Science isn't about what you think it's about

A January 31 New York Times opinion titled, "A Scientists' March on Washington is a Bad Idea" by Robert S. Young, a professor of coastal geology at Western Carolina University, claims that rather than persuading the government to support science, a march will only serve to reaffirm the notion that scientists are an "interest group".

The ASA is a partner of Washington's March for Science, and Lamont said she reached out to all the heads of university sociology departments around the county, urging them to participate.

We know him as Bill Nye the Science Guy, but Bill is a legitimate, prolific scientist who is trying to enact real change in our government.

Lastly, the faculty has complained that the second travel ban implemented by the Trump administration, which banned travel of citizens from six Muslim-majority countries, is extremely detrimental to the status of science in the United States.

Traditionally, scientists shirk political debate, preferring to stay out of the partisan fray.

People from around the country will gather in Washington D.C. Saturday for the "March for Science".

Packard and the Aquarium support the Earth Day march, and she cited in her op-ed how science is the basis for public policy in California, policies that have paid dividends in terms of new enterprises, education and agricultural innovations.

"I feel this keeps me sane", said Susie Sinclair-Smith, a Maryland resident who attended the Women's March and Tax March and plans to attend the rally this weekend.

Before the march begins, the organizers have arranged "teach-ins" starting at 9am, and guest speakers at a rally from 10am onward.

"#ScienceMarch also represents a tragic lost opportunity to do better than science's racist, sexist, ableist, colonialist, oppressive past", she tweeted. But rejecting, eliminating, covering up or attacking evidence that might call into question government or industry priorities - evidence that might show how those priorities could lead to widespread harm - is unconscionable.

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"There's a perception from a lot of Christians that scientists are all atheists", said Seth Axen, a PhD candidate in biostatistics, who numbers among an often-overlooked crowd of pro-science Christians.

The size of March for Science Chicago projects to be somewhere in the middle.

"I think they're absolutely a complement", said Jennifer Allen, senior vice president of communities and civic engagement at the League, a political and environmental advocacy group.

So, rather than sitting back and allowing America to be made great again, the scientists are taking a stand - an unpatriotic stand that ignores America's inalienable right to deforest the Earth and drill for oil in penguin butts and ignore the university zealots who insist that 2 + 2 = 4, even though it's not in the Bible. Their participation in the March for Science is fantastic, but we need our brilliant glaciologists and solar engineers to spend the majority of their time on their research, not on campaign strategy and organizing.

"The March for Science and the Peoples Climate March go hand-in-hand", said MIT and Harvard renewable energy modeler Dr. Geoffrey Supran. And we know from the climate science that it's really our carbon pollution that is to blame for this.

Organizers say the marches are nonpartisan, but many taking part cite concerns over the Trump administration's uncertain position toward climate science, as well as proposed budget cuts. And as some seek to weaken this nation's science agenda, we remain confident that science will prevail.

Bill Nye, one of America's most famous scientists, is co-chairing the event alongside Dr. Hanna-Attisha, who discovered risky lead levels in kids living in Flint, Michigan. As a form of "local activism" to combat notions of science being elitist, he is also developing a fall 2017 course, PHYS 0150: "The Jazz of Modern Physics", which is designed for students outside of the physics concentration and aims to make physics more approachable.

Editor's note: Shaughnessy Naughton is the founder of 314 Action, a nonprofit that recruits and trains members of the scientific community to run for political office.

"The march won't change the mind of the people, whose minds need to be changed", Robert Young, coastal scientist at Western Carolina University, said.

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