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Emachines em250 memory slots. Emachines/Gateway eMG16i ( Memory Upgrade - MemoryC

I tried something else.

eMachines EM250

I am assuming it's the processor I second this suggestion. Worked again after that so I may draw the conclusion that this will happen anytime the hardware is reconfigured, but I've only got the one event to base that on and thus I could be off base.

I'd suggest the old style that goes in the lower PCI slots mine are white sockets When EM goes into power save, unplug the tower, then press the power button on the front of the tower for 45 seconds. I told him I could fix it, but I'm having alot of trouble. Didn't find a problem there either. I have disconnected all components from the motherboard except for the processor of coursebut it still won't boot up.

I have removed the processor and inspected it, but I don't find anything that appears to be bad areas on the processor. Or you can get a pci express graphics card off of your local Craigslist or where emachines em250 memory slots install it and that will most likely solve your problem. Or if you have the skill level you can re-solder the mod to the motherboard, or even use some kind of paste but, if you go that route you better look for a way to secure the module to the frame as well to keep it in place, unless you can be assured no pressure will ever be put on it again.

It offered the option for F2 to take me into setup.

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The aforementioned jumper lists 3 positions: So layouts probably differ; I'll give the solution I found for others who may have the Intel board and maybe it can work on the AMD also. I checked that peripherals were getting power.

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Then I thought it might be the mentioned power supply problem and I started checking voltages. Swapped out MB, same thing. Then I decided to try the little jumper I found on the motherboard labeled "BR1".

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Just RMA the thing or return to seller. I tried the "hold down power button" prior to applying power solution - no fix. From my cousin's broken emachine If you guys do figure something out or if I do be sure to let me know. I moved the jumper from 'normal' to 'config', with power off of course, and when I powered up ' Viola' I started getting a video signal.

Wish you could help me, I believe its simply a blown capacitor I could solder a new one in. Because of issues like this, I refuse to work on computers that have AOL installed. I pulled the plug THEN held in the power switch as i plugged the power cord back in and Bam, it came up!! I did this, checked settings and changed a few.

Called emachine tech support, he told me to unplug everything a hold the power button for 30 seconds to clear the bios, but it didn't work. I do not have another motherboard to test the processor, and visa-versa.

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Anonymous i got on the wrong thread so i am removing my reply. I just troubleshooted another emachines computer. I will do the same.

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The system powered up, but no video, no beeps, no booting. So I redid the jumper thing with 'config' position and went through the steps again. It seemed to work fine from there and I booted into Windows with no problem.

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How do you determine if a processor is bad by examining it? It's most likely just poor design. Their function should be two-fold: I'll sell it to you fairly cheap too. Swapped out power supply. You could probably apply some pressure one way or another and your monitor will probably come on when you restore the power don't do it with the power on.

I believe x2 and x16 hobbs casino is it x8 IDK should be the same as mine "same model" I currently have a 1mb megabite in there much too little, pulled from an older computer, wow it makes xp look like windows Sadly I'll bet as soon as I find the right one, get the info and get one at like radio shack, i'm afraid the capacitor would cost almost as much as a Video card to put in the pci slot!

No BIOS beep, no video signal, nothing. I've tried an APG video card, different memory.

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Can't access bios or anything. I do not want to purchase a processor assuming that's the problem, and then find out it's not. TarOor Jul 1,9: Then move jumper back to 'normal' position and reboot. To add a little more, I next put the modem card back gambling age restrictions uk and put in a PCIe video card.

Good luck Jul 28, Yours only does the 1st.

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If you notice, the module is free-floating and is secured only by the solder holding to the motherboard. You can turn the machine on, and the power supply provides power to the system, and the cooling fan on the processor spins, and hard drive crunches, etc, but there is no boot up from the motherboard.

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Get out your mutimeter, jumper the power supply ON, check for -5v, that's minus 5 volts, may not be there. Then I noticed the CD drive powered intermittently. Plug power cable back in, turn on the tower, and you should be good to go.

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Powered up and it seemed to be back to the "no boot" problem. I am working on a client's Emachine, and the problem I'm having is that it won't boot up. Then it tells you, "Shut down.

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I have a laptop but the processor is not as big as the one in my desktop so I use it to play games and I cant.

Emachines running very very slow