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Pinoko spends her days learning to walk and maneuver her new body.

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It was then separated by Black Jack in an operation. The surgery constantly had to be cancelled due to this problem and the doctors had no choice but to seek Black Jack's help in order to remove the tumour.

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Pinoko is immediately infuriated by this and bgins to attack her sister in the original comical style as the manga. The body has the appearance of a toddler, and is partially made of synthetic materials and the organic bits left over from the operation This is essentially Pinoko at the time.

This is how she enacted the supposed "tumour's curse".

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She also wears a pair of white knee high socks and tiny red strap shoes. She still holds a grudge toward her twin sister to this day. This experience helps her learn to walk and properly make sounds.

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She also develops huge crush on Black Jack, which is shown throughout the manga and anime. But, Black Jack soon takes inspiration from an old fairytale book lying on his table near Pinoko. Since that day, Pinoko became Black Jack's assistant and adoptive daughter. Pinoko is technically zero years old as stated in her birth certificate, but she is mentally eighteen since she grew together with her twin sister on her abdomen for eighteen years.

He then names the girl Pinoko.

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Origins Edit Pinoko began life on her twin sister's abdomen as a teratogenous cystoma see top of page. Although she is often portrayed as a disobedient child, Pinoko showed a good emotional contrast with the more "nervous" Black Jack. This is how Pinoko is "born". Despite this, it is easy to get her angry and is very susceptible to anyone who calls her a girl and generally responds with anger claiming that she is eighteen.

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Although, she began to develop over a span of eighteen years and eventually developed an entire brain, complete nervous system, and random organs and limbs.

Pinoko's body is placed in a bed, and she soon gains consciousness. Also, keep in mind this is a fictioncal series.

Black Jack mentioned he chose her as a model for the body because he thinks she looks rather cute take note that Black Jack has no romantic ties to anything about either of these girls. Pinoko's synthetic body was inspired by a young girl who used to be a model. Since then, Pinoko started to develop as a tumour on her twin sister's abdomen and "lived" there for eighteen years.

She shows extreme concern for Black Jack, and will stay by his side regardless of the situation whether or not Black Jack wants her there.

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Edit It is said that Pinoko is loyal, practical and orderly. Sometimes it is an emotional support in moments of anguish and sometimes it has given the doctor something to worry about. A year after Pinoko and her twin sisters separation, the doctors brought Pinoko's sister back for the final checkup.

Her hair is a rounded bob cut, and she wears four pink bows on the of her head, red overalls with a frilly skirt trim, and a yellow long sleeve shirt. However, this is changed in the TV anime, mainly targeted towards children, and she is shown talking to her twin sister but she gets immediately rejected as her twin sister says that she has no sister.

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