Craps place the six. My Craps System and Favorite Craps Strategies

I just want to win a bet before that seven shows. Craps Play Notes Each dealer has a hockey-puck-looking disk called a "buck" which is white on one side and black on the other. It is merely duplicated in this manner to allow more players at one table.

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In other words, if a shooter establishes a point, they roll the dice continuously the series of multiple rolls until they either roll their point or seven out. Do not press any bets. Now you hope a 7 is thrown before a 4.

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Never try to hand money to a dealer directly. In other words, the same shooter can have multiple "come-out " rolls and make multiple points before they seven out.

You can pass on being a shooter if you wish, but who knows, you could have the hot hand! The rest of the layout can be ignored.

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I learned very quickly that you had to be able to bet both sides of the dice if you wanted to survive at the table. The shooter has established a point of 5.

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You're essentially just along for the ride. Also, if the table turns hot, you are already betting at a way higher level and you can truly take advantage by letting the bets work for the life of the roll.

Craps Play Notes

This all may seem like a lot to digest all at once but once you go through a couple series you'll find it's really easy. It is a mostly conservative and adaptable way of playing.

The downside, as with most systems, is an early seven. With the two remaining numbers still working you can build up the bets you took down till you have all the inside numbers covered again.

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Run that on your sim first. This method is good on a choppy or cold table.

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This is essentially a one-roll series. Which the tables are most of the time.

I use it a lot in the casinos. Once a Pass Line bet is down it cannot be removed.

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However, some casinos may waive this traditional rule and let you put down a Pass Line bet at any time. However, craps play can actually be slower than blackjack due to the fact that the dice often have to be rolled multiple times before the outcome is determined.

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