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Most Starfleet ships have neither, whereas another story has a brief mention of the Bajoran Militia having traditional uniformed chaplains. Church tradition also holds that hunters cannot go to heaven for the same reason, but given that her deceased mentor Mikhail appears as an angel warrior at the climax of Angel Town, the dogma can be assumed to be wrong.

Inversely, there's the Black Acolytes, who still worship Gabriel as a god, and believe that the suffering he's delivered to mankind will make them great. The least changed faction has added a sixth prayer time but the really changed culture is that of the nation of Nasheen which is an Islamic matriarchy.

The Requiem book on the Lancea Sanctum a generally Abrahamic Covenant that believes the centurion Longinus was turned into a vampire when the blood of Christ dripped onto his lips, and was taught that vampires are commanded by God to harrow sinners goes into detail about how the various creeds mesh together on the vampiric condition and the mortal faith of their practitioners for instance, how a Muslim vampire effectively fasts during Ramadan when he's in a coma from sunup to sundown.

The main villain is possessed, but is so evil he in fact steals the abilities of the non-evil possessor while keeping it imprisoned in his mind. Charles Stross deals with future changes to Muslim practices in Accelerando. Maybe it's impossible for Jewish vampires to keep kosher without starving.

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He comes to the conclusion that since they're not mentioned in the Bible as eating from the Tree, they do not. Among other things, they decided that 'towards Mecca' can be approximated as 'towards the planet Earth', and really relaxed the hajj. In the CoDominium series, every Imam has also become an amateur astronomer, since they have to locate Sol to find Mecca to pray toward.

The creator discussions mention that they would have loved to do more on it but didn't really have time. In The Lost Tales, a Catholic priest monologues for a bit about the Catholic Church having to face a massive decline after humanity reached the stars.

BattleTechthough usually cursory in its detailing of religion, mentions theological disputes that delayed Islamic expansion into space, with the result that Islam is a minority faith in most every state in the Inner Sphere.

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Later, a corrupt preacher in the Underworld is implied to be unable to see the place as it really is. Earth's Alien History has numerous examples of the intermingling of a great many different species causing alterations and changes in preexisting religions: Tabletop Games The Vampire: The programme at KOKO, responds to the various forms and powers of intimacy and its role in understanding and relating to the world around us.

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The marriage was already kind of weird for her before that, and later Adam tries to figure out how one keeps kosher on the planet by eating weeds. Done well, this can enrich both characters and setting.

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One particularly memorable scene in Kitty and the Midnight Hour has a vampire calling into a talk show for religious advice; apparently devout Catholicism and bursting into flame upon entering holy ground make a bad combination.

Oh, and the matriarchal society of Helena is said to worship something called the "divine femininity" which appears to have been referring to Uriel. When women were allowed to enlist in the GSN due to manpower needs after Grayson allied with Manticore, they were only allowed to serve on the biggest ships because only superdreadnoughts had room for separate men's and women's quarters.

Intimacy is the quality of close relationships between subjects, which may be physical and bodily, however not necessarily sexual. It only gets more complicated when humans and avatars start wanting to get married.

Fiona Banner aka The Vanity Press stages a typographic catwalk that oscillates between a runway show and a military march of linguistic components. He kept his magical abilities, thus making him unique as a son of Satan who uses his powers to help people Does this sound familiar?

The artist duo Tate n Lyle, composed of Rohanne Udall and Paul Hughes, take the commission towards an expansion of ideas and positions. In the simplest form of this trope, the setting makes religiously forbidden things harder to avoid, or mandatory things harder to do. In the Discworld novels, there are several off-hand remarks about vampires working at kosher slaughterhouses.

The sci-fi novel This Alien Shore has an Encyclopedia Exposita selection from an apparently updated Bible that compares space travel to the tower of Babel. Crosses, holy water, and exorcism are all effective against vampires or demons, but most of what's portrayed about its actual cosmology isn't particularly Christian. Ivanova, the only Jewish regular on the show, solves it by not bothering to keep kosher, though she probably wouldn't have on Earth, either.

At any rate, the official line is that yes, AIs do have souls, and at least one has chosen to become a rabbi.

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Flag in Exile mentions that the Manticoran military doesn't have a Chaplains' Corps because of the sheer diversity of belief systems. A Buddhist dragon also gets a mention, though her religion is implied rather than stated outright. A certain Armor-Piercing Question in the backstory that spurs a centuries-long war that drove an entire species from their planet: While pretending to work for them, the protagonist takes on the assignment of finding the Christians, and tracks down Mark the gospel writerwho refuses to believe that the cultists would honor him, as they murdered his grandchildren.

One of the characters mentions that most sects of the unnamed religion allow pilgrimages to sites a bit closer to home, but the hard-line sect they're watching insists that they have to visit the original site on Earth, even if they have to sell themselves into slavery to get the money for the trip.

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It's also mentioned that Thor once challenged Jesus to a fight, though the latter unsurprisingly never showed up. In The MummyBeni, when confronted by the newly resurrected Imhotep, pulls out a lot of holy symbols that he apparently wears on a chain around his neck — on the eminently practical grounds that one of them has to work — displaying each and saying a prayer in the appropriate language to try to ward him off.

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Leftoid masochists and the Christian meek call for returning Hawaii to the Hawaiians and capitulating before a massive Mexican reconquista of one-third of America. The author apparently found a rabbi who was also a Star Trek aficionado and asked him how it would probably go down from a ceremonial standpoint, as well as what Klingon foods would be kosher.

Almost the entire Kitty Norville series is about the mundane consequences of vampirism and lycanthropy, so this naturally comes up at least a bit. On the other hand, there is a heaven where the dead go to and many worlds that are labeled as hells.

The discovery of fantastic elements can lead to crises of faith or it may not for no apparent reasonor conversely make the elements of that faith more relevant. The broken boxing ring she inserts on the stage stands for the central character whose narrative is told through moving image, accompanied by singing and choreography.

A couple episodes feature a monastic order moving onto the station whose primary mission is to learn about the nature of God, which they accomplish in part by interviewing aliens such as Delenn about their native religious beliefs.

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He's also a Devil standing on sacred ground. One person queries why Blue Devil stands there in flames. Her voice guides the audiences to a sensuous space where personal projections and associations run amok.

Each deeper connection creates more room to grow, more to lose and more to become.

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Dune then goes on to reveal that Judaism is still alive and kicking after 25, years, and introduces the reader to at least one group of Jews that's had to make only minor accommodations to their faith.

Naturally, if Jesus were real and divine, there's no way he would've died to save just one species. He cites theologians such as Augustine saying mythic creatures like dog-headed men, if they existed, would have souls and be capable of receiving baptism to argue it wouldn't be something they couldn't handle.

Besides the usual Time Travel Tropesit also explores the implications of sending Christians back to before the birth of Christ.

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