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Do you have basic strategy for the following rules? If I had been at this game I would have played it hard. Here in Natchez we have a river boat casino that allows the Royal Match version 1 with blackjack, using six decks. Andrew from Solovay You didn't state the surrender rule, so I'll assume it isn't allowed.

According to my blackjack calculator the house edge is 0. The only difference is that they altered the natural payoff to 6 to 5 instead on the normal 3 to 2. Not only could this be beaten, but I think it would be a card counters dream. Usually the player is not allowed to, which works against the player. Visit my blackjack appendix 14 for all the details.

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For example, the player could draw to a four-card total of 11 and then double. The game is dealt face up from an 8 deck shoe, with the cut card appearing after 5 decks have been dealt 3 decks behind the cut.

What is the house edge on this game? The strategy to use in this game would be to bet the minimum when the odds are against you and the maximum when they are in your favor. Just plug in the rules and it produces an immediately basic strategy and is ready to run a simulation. Table max is 50 times table min.

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Normally a sudden blackjack promotions times increase in bet size would set off a huge red flag but it seems the counter could do this with impunity in your game. Anonymous I have that coupon too, and am running out of time to use it. All non-deposit bonuses includes promotions expire 7 days blackjack promotions the issuing date and cannot be reactiviated after expiration.

Based on a two-deck game, where you can not double after splitting, the expected value of splitting 8,s against a 10 is The 2 to 1 on blackjack adds 2. All non-deposit bonuses includes promotions have a max cap release.

BetUS will not issue bonuses retroactively.

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Let's say the house edge is 0. Why the blackjack rules are so stingy in Finland I would like to know. Anonymous I have been asked this enough time to add a section about it. Can split aces once only, one card on each. Craps, roulette, pai gow poker and baccarat are not playable with bonus chips. Your account balance must be at zero with no pending plays before any promotion can be requested.

When I was in Finland they had single zero roulette, which has a much lower house edge than this game.

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Contrary to their claim of having the "World's Most Liberal Blackjack Rules" there are better single-deck games right across the street at the Horseshoe or the Golden Gate. Can double after split. Assuming the dealer hits a soft 17 here are those times.

You are much better off at any ordinary game, which are easy to find elsewhere. Cash blackjack play counts as half action towards your required cash play rollover requirement, as per the above rule.

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It is the six decks at the Las Vegas Club which work against the player. What would it be? Even if you can't double after a split you should still decline to surrender. The rules are six decks and dealer hits a soft 17, all other rules are standard.

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Some casinos for example Foxwoods give match play coupons for blackjack. After taking a huge beating, the Atlantic City casinos begged the gaming authorities for a change in the rules, which they got. Delaware lake casino buffalo ny is his basis strategy under these rules. To make up the other 1.

Try out Mobile Blackjack today and we will refund your biggest loss within your first 21 hands as real cash! A question about surrender in blackjack. Only blackjack promotions promotions can be credited consecutively. Players need to claim all bonuses by contacting BetUS Support on the day of the promotion. Counter can play any number of boxes, and any bet amount.

I did a million hand simulation using Blackjack Count Analyzer, which shows a house edge of 4. A match play is worth just about half of face value.

Anonymous It depends if the player is allowed to double and split the match play portion of the bet. The Flamingo is offering a single deck blackjack game with regular downtown rules hs Reducing the BJ win from 1.

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One good thing about the coupon is that when you surrender, you only lose half of your own money, and are allowed to keep the whole coupon. How is the house advantage affected by "free Ace" coupons promotional tools used with a continuous shuffler?

Bonuses are for recreational players only and require cash action in the casino before being eligible for a payout. Bob from Blackjack promotions, Ohio Thanks for the compliment.

The short answer is that the coupon is worth just over half of its face value. Once the player meets the required rollover, the remaining balance of the promotion bonus is released as cash into the player's account up to the max cap restriction see particular promotion for the max amount.

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Dealer takesand ties, doubling after split is allowed, 3 resplits, no-peek, player can double totals soft and harddealer stands on soft 17, six decks. My blackjack appendix 9 is good for questions such as this. See particular promotion for the max amount.

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Alex from Auckland, New Zealand I haven't done any simulations, but my educated option is a definite yes, this game can be beaten. According to my blackjack house edge calculatorand before considering the double any number of cards rule, the house edge is 0.

Assuming six-decks and otherwise Vegas rules, the player edge would have been 1. If you are ahead on BetUS or not covered recent payouts, you will not be eligible to receive any kind of bonus. Ain't no Pearly gates here folks, just the chance to strike it rich on Blackjack play. I know that compared to dealer hitting on soft 17, it's gotta be a killer.

After the second promotion, the player will be required to make a new deposit. They swear there are no rule changes to the game Dealer hits, DAS, 4 splits, 6 decks. At six decks, I figured the house advantage to be 0.

Can double down on any 2 card total without an ace. I guess you want to surrender more in this situation, but was wondering what is the correct strategy? Deposit bonuses expire 14 days after being credited.

I'm guessing yes, but one of the hardest plays in BJ is splitting eights vs blackjack promotions ten. Card counting is permitted if the counter plays the first hand of the shoe, and plays every hand. But you lose your coupon no matter you win or lose. Dealer takes original bets only on blackjack.

In Reno I saw a game with the following rules: My question is this -- while playing a benefit blackjack game blackjack promotions they have from what I could tell, all the "Vegas" rules, I found out they were paying two to one for a blackjack.

Counter can stop at any time, but cannot rejoin a shoe after missing a hand, or join a shoe that is partway through.