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MS06 motor with a 9 tooth brass pinion turns the 28 tooth crown gear. Wheels and tires are standard Slot. The new chassis is fully compatible with anglewinder components if you decide to change it so I cannot see much to complain about. Heck, if I can do it Something To Think About: Spare is provided under the base. In using this motor I would need to sleeve the motor shaft in order for the spring to fit.

The first version of the Mercedes was an outstanding little model.

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Final Verdict Scalextric has produced one great little classic here. You can order a spare interior and it is compatible with your older Mercedes model.

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When this scheme was added I wanted it, but other new models seemed to keep bumping it out of favor. I used the small cutting wheel in my Dremel and then cleaned the flash with a round file. Your taste might be very different.

Some models just seem to grab your eye and you cannot exactly explain why. The first items were the exhaust and wheels. I use Rob's decals for all my meatballs and these would look just fine. Saturday September 13, Have you ever purchased a slot car with the intention of changing it? This is simply a change I personally wanted to make.

Maybe the colors do not attract you, but I think it makes the car very appealing. I want compatibility with my older models as much as possible and keeping it inline is how I like them.

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So this series in scale truly is a legacy. For some, no real issue.

These are standard features found on most Slot. A sanding barrel in your Dremel will clean this up nicely. One on the front hood and one offset on the trunk.

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This is a milder motor since other classics have this motor in it, we should have a good match. The passenger seat has a hole in it, most likely for a future release. With both of these cars arriving here at the same time, I slot w211 why not put them through a little challenge? I also liked the driver figure.

Overall fit and finish of this slot car is about as good as it gets in our hobby. Reading one of my reviews, you might want to know that I am an enthusiast who accepts balance. For this slot car enthusiast, Slot.

Just as it is it would allow you 2 lane racing about as even as it gets. The wheels on these models are really well done. Maybe you are lucky and you can actually buy one, but sometimes even that is no option.

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But with a little effort and creativity, you can tune and detail this car to run with other brands of classics and broaden your current line up. Great handling along with very even racing.

Trying to mix brands of models to get them to run evenly was not always as easy as this conversion was. I think any of you who enjoy classic racing should grab at least one of these.

Slot Car Corner had a great price on it so it was simply time to get it and glad I did. Tune and detail this model for our classic road racing series. Investing in tooling e. I felt the wheels looked a little better with a "raced" appearance. There is nothing wrong with the original Scalextric motor.

When I look at a model on our race track and it resembles the prototype so well that there is no mistaking what it is, I am usually happy.

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As of this writing we are designing a totally new Group C car while at the same time updating existing models with the latest technology that we are putting into production. Now back to the track and low and behold we had a slot w211.

I truly love the overall lines of these older Mercedes and this one is no exception.

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Clean markings as well as an equally clean clear coat seal this model nicely. I desire a car that has as much scale accuracy as possible, but I also enjoy a model that runs well. As with other offerings in this series we see the familiar inline motor configuration.

Releasing a great car is one thing, but most of us would like at least two for even running. Both cars made an average time of 3.


So for those that like the current configuration, you can rest easy. For your track you will likely choose your current favorite brand. I did notice some flash molding on the driver side wheel well but that was easily sanded away. Removing the 2 screws that secure the body to the chassis, we see the rest of the model. Why the motor swap? It slips over the shaft snugly.

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I was a young serviceman during those years and needless to say, coverage of this series was not on every channel back then. So between these photos and the ones found at the Slot. The front axles is adjustable in height if you add the grub screws top and bottom. Like I said, they have created a little history of their own.

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The detail should satisfy most of you.