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With the return of Alsace-Lorraine to France inParis accepted that Alsace and Moselle should retain some local laws in respect of certain matters, especially with regard to hunting, economic life, local government relationships, health insurance and social rights. The statutes in question date from the period - when the area was part of the German Empire.

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The capital [of the district] will be Landau. The climate is semi-continental.

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History[ edit ] Haut-Rhin is one of the original 83 departments, created during the French Revolutionon 4 March through the application of the law of 22 December in respect of the southern half of the province of Alsace Haute-Alsace. All the territory on the left bank of the Lauter, including Landau, will be part of Germany, but the city of Wissenbourg, traversed by the river, will remain wholly in France, with a radius on the left bank not exceeding one thousand Toises [two thousand metres], and will be specifically determined by the commissioners who are responsible for the final boundary.

Many Haut-Rhinois work in Switzerland, especially in the chemical industries of Baselbut commute from France where living costs are lower.

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The state of possession of these islands will be established as it existed at the time of the signing of the Treaty of Luneville. From this area, which remains as it was inthe new frontier will follow the arm of the Queich river which, on leaving the casino alsace haut rhin near Queichheim which remains in Francepasses near the villages of Mertenheim, Knittelsheimand Belheim also remaining French to the Rhinewhich then continues to form the boundary of France and Germany.

The Thalweg of the Rhine forms the boundary between France and the German states but the ownership of the islands, as will be fixed after a new survey of the course of the river, will remain unchanged with some changes to be submitted in the course of time.

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Commissioners will be appointed from both sides by the High Contracting Parties within a period of three months to proceed with such survey. It includes notably the absence of any formal separation between church and state: Its boundaries have been modified many times: Law[ edit ] Alsace and the adjacent Moselle department have a legal system slightly different from the rest of France.

The new boundaries are, starting from a point near Obersteinbach which remains outside the limits of Francethe boundary between the department of Moselle and Mont-Tonnerre until the department of Bas-Rhin then following the line that separates the Cantons of Weissenbourg and Bergzabern on the French side metropol casino perth, the cantons of PirmasensDahnand Annweiler on the German sideto the point where this line, near the village of Wolmersheim, touches the edge of the radius of the fortress of Landau.

The countryside is marked by hills.

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Mulhouse is the home of a Peugeot automobile factory, manufacturing the and models. The remaining French part formed the Territoire de Belfort in ;it was reverted to France Treaty of Versailles but remains administratively separated from Belfort.

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