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In certain places a casino may use such a device, while players cannot. Bet Spread — The highest and lowest wagers that a player has made in a game. Unit — The amount of a bet. Each are worth 10 points. Once that amount has been lost, the player stops that session.

There are single and multi-parameter systems, such as the High-Low count and the Zen count. Past Post — A blackjack lingo cheating method where the bet amount is illegally increased after the player has seen his hand.

Shiner — An illegal cheating device used by players to get a look at the dealers hole card.

Shill — A casino employee paid to sit at the tables in order to entice potential players to sit down and wager. Shoe — Holding up to 8 decks at a time a shoe is a shuffling machine that resembles a shoe box and is very efficient for dealing one card off the top at a time.

This is called Back Counting. Shuffle Up — Also called preferential shuffling, this is early or more frequent shuffling by a dealer to discourage card counting. This is seen at the Las Vegas Hilton. Running Count — The total number of points that a given card system assigns to a deck before being dealt.

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Revere Point Count — A balanced 2 level card counting method used for betting strategy. The exact definition and legality of what a device is remains largely undefined, particularly outside of the United States. No Hole Card — European No Hole Card — A blackjack variation, popular in Europe, where the dealer does not take a hole card and only gets a second card after all player hands are completed.

Multiple Deck — Using more than one deck at a time to play Blackjack. K Kelly Betting — The percentage of your bankroll wagered that corresponds to the players advantage percentage. Double Exposure — A less popular blackjack variant that is played with the dealers hand face up. Players can then have two separate bets and the rules of the game are repeated for each hand.

V Variance — The difference in the expected advantage variable, usually expressed as a statistic, and the actual results. Level — The number of values in a given card counting system. The opposite can also be referred to as Ace Poor. Dealers are usually required to ensure that the lowest value chips are on top to ensure that the correct amount wagered is well understood.

This can range from facial expressions, body language and conversation to more elaborate strategies using other players and more.

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First Base — The player sitting at a table who receives his cards first. Blackjack is played with up to 8 decks. In general an insurance bet is in the houses favor by a significant percentage with the exception that the player is an accurate card counter.

This is in contrast to a hard hand that does not contain an ace and can therefore only have one fixed value. Instead of card counting this utilizes the total of players hand and the dealers up card. Hi-Opt I — Also called the Einstein count. Griffin Book — A reference book of suspected card counters or cheaters, often with blackjack lingo and biographical details provided to casinos by the Griffin Investigators.

Griffin Investigations — A private investigations firm specializing in suspected casino cheaters. It may also be referred to as the zero memory strategy. This may appear to give the dealer an advantage, however this is also the preferred position for card counters.

Cold — A deck that has a bad or unfavorable ratio for the player. B Back Counting — When not actually playing, an observer can count cards from behind the table. SD — Can have two meanings: Suited Blackjack — A blackjack hand made up of an Ace and a 10 value card of the same suit: Toke — A tip or gratuity given to a dealer or any other casino employee.

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Plug — When cards that have not yet been played are placed in the stack of discards before shuffling. Once a cut card is reached when dealing a deck, the deck is then reshuffled again. Splitting Pairs — If a player is dealt two identical cards he can split them up and play them as two separate hands.

N Natural — Synonym for a Blackjack or 21 card count this happens when an ace and 10 value card are the first two cards dealt. If a player draws a stiff hand a bust is likely.

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