Captain's Log: New-user tips on Star Trek Online's duty officer system

Sto increase doff assignment slots, extra assignment...

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This is handy, because the starbase is very, very hungry for common doffs, and rewards those who provide these sacrifices with fleet credits per soul. It's the combination of rarity and traits that can make or break a DOff's success.

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I usually prefer to have large stacks of the cheaper or commonly used commodities in my bank, and a small number of other ones. At that time, he is granted a small contingent of common duty officers, and his roster is limited to Twice as expensive as the cheaper packs, these grant two guaranteed purple doffs. Downgrinding This is the time-consuming clicky bit where you turn unwanted uncommons into common doffs, now suitable sacrifices for starbase projects.

Moderately priced packs from the Dominion lockbox that can give Dominion officers with useful active abilities, as well as Research Lab Scientists for crafting or an Advisor with crit traits for support missions. For instance, in the screencap above, the mission "Frame the House of Duras" has a requirement of several officers beginning with an Advisor, a Diplomat, or a Security Officer.

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Recruited for dilithium, these packs tend to be some of the cheaper ones on the Exchange. This is where rarity comes into play.

As duty officers are selected to undertake the mission, depending on their qualifications and traits, the chances of success will change. Once you have those prisoners, you unlock several missions will consume them, but most don't reward anything of value, so keep or sell the prisoners or use them in a prisoner exchange. As officers are assigned to a mission, the "chances of success" numbers will change, so I recommend players swap officers around and pay attention to those numbers and find out what combination works best.

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Buying and Selling If you have the EC, you can straight-up buy mini-packs on the exchange. Fly around and check for it at all the clusters you've finished because it basically prints purple doffs.

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Pick your duty officers for this based only on the crit chance they give you- officers with success traits might make the failure and disaster slices of the pie smaller, but they make the crit success slice smaller, too. These are one of the easiest ways to fill a roster with purple doffs.

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This week I will continue my informal series for new Star Trek Online players with a brief primer on the game's duty officer system. From a Klingon alt, because many, many Klingon Marauder missions reward Contraband. The federation kitty can be found by the window in the Sto increase doff assignment slots wing of Earth Spacedock, as well as on other starbases, or can be summoned in sector space by a captain in a Tuffli Freighter.

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The doff contact at the Fleet Spire sells these upgrades for fleet credits each. These include many of the higher-xp assignments as well as several chain missions.

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To the left of the UI, the Assignments Summary box informs the player how many mission slots are available, how many are in progress, and how many have been completed and have rewards available for claiming.

You can downgrind anything better than common doffs to produce more common doffs and therefore more fleet credits- instead of having to hope you get to snipe the fleet mark requirement out of a project instead of someone else, you can simply sign in after the projects have rolled over and fill the empty requirements. Since they're earned directly and randomly instead of in packs, the only reliable way to get them is from the exchange.

They take several days to run but grant a free officer based on your success rating and with one of the rare Romulan Survivor abilities. The colonists obtained can be fed directly into the fleet starbase and purchased or sold for energy credits on the Exchange- but keep in mind that you can only hold 20 passengers at a time.

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Found on the Exchange or C-store. Officer Exchange The orange sector blocks have several Consular Authority mission chains that are very quick and easy to finish.

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Because blue and purple refugees can be used effectively in the mission Recover Repressed Memories from Refugee, and because you'll often get a lower quality doff even with their better success chance, I keep or sell these and use common or uncommon refugees in missions. Colonization Clusters Colonization Clusters are the various nebulas you can interact with in sector space.

Another discontinued pack found on the exchange, which has a slim chance of dropping a Cell Ship pack.

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