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Daily Income is available every 24 hours after you last clicked on the Claim button. We only play the casino twice per day if we're super low on gems, because of the large amount of coins needed to play the casino twice per day. Use our restaurant links at top of page to get upgrade recommendations.

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You initially receive 2 gems and will max out at 7 gems per level advance. The add-on item - this is an item that a customer might order in addition to their main order and beverage.

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For example, in the Chinese restaurant, always place shrimp at the top, fish in the middle, and chicken at the bottom of the cooking table top. Some customers specifically wait for a special treat a treat icon will briefly appear by their order. Their happiness increases each time they are served, and they will wait longer for the rest of their items to be served.

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You will be notified when you complete an acheivement. So naturally, getting enough gems to do upgrades without buying them is the most difficult part of the cooking fever cant get gems at casino. It is harder to earn the daily casino gems on days when the game is offering reduced prices for purchasing gems or other specials.

You initially receive 2 gems and will max out at 7 gems per level advance. We've tried to save you the guess work by making upgrade suggestions for you for each restaurant. Most price upgrades only pay off if many customers order that item or ingredient. Special food treat - this item is located underneath or to the right of the main serving or cooking ingredient. Casino The Casino first becomes available once you have an XP level of 7.

Get a jump start on each level by cooking main ingredients before the first customer arrives. Increasing Customer Tips Special food treats become available in each restaurant around Level It is sometimes cheaper to pass a level by giving out treats than it is to upgrade to more expensive kitchen or interior items.

Restaurant Level Completion Bonus: That way you will only be serving 2 customers at a time and they will hopefully be happier. Click here for more details. Some customers will briefly ask for these treats randomly during their wait for food.

You'll only win 15 Gems but will have spent way more Gems just to get through the challenge. Kitchen Upgrades Kitchen upgrades either increase how quickly machines or cooking surfaces refill or cook food and how many portions can be prepared at once, and the price per portion of food. Restaurants are purchased using Gems and Coins you've earned or bought. Item upgrades improve seating, entertainment or atmosphere.

You will receive coins and gems each time you advance to the next experience level.

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The only way to complete a challenge is with a fully upgraded restaurant and enough Gems to buy treats for customers to increase your score. You receive coins and gems each time you advance to a higher experience level. Specific kitchen or interior item upgrades may be necessary to pass those levels. It starts off with only one serving.

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Play the Casino after you claim your Daily Income. Your level of experience is displayed at the top right of the screen. If cooking fever cant get gems at casino are coming in quickly and getting impatient, leave money on the counter for two of the 4 customer slots. Use cupcakes to boost your score Remember, you can travel to Paradise Island by clicking on the cruise ship Take a visit tomorrow for a welcome back bonus Prepare as much food as possible in advance You can increase the daily income of your restaurants by completing more levels Try to upgrade your kitchen appliances first The interior items aren't just there to look pretty Running out of time?

The icons above each restaurant will sparkle when Daily Income is available.

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The amount of XP earned for an upgrade is displayed on each item. Some restaurants offer higher game-play experience points; this includes the Breakfast Cafe and Sushi Restaurant at Levels 30 or higher, which will give you between points per play.

These are, however, only suggestions.

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You receive coins daily from each restaurant that is open; the more levels you have completed and the higher the star rating for each level, the higher the daily income. Passing Levels Each level has a minimum points earning requirement in order to pass.

Daily Income Each unlocked restaurant earns you coins each day in the form of Daily Income. You can replay levels as much as you want to earn additional coins. Pre-play a level to see what the most popular food items will be for that level or use the Level chart available in our detailed restaurant guide.

The casino is not a good place to gamble for extra coins. And unless you buy them, you'll have to earn them. You'll need between and 25, coins to hit 15 gems in the morning it seems to be about 18, Coins on average and between 25, and 80, to hit 15 gems in the evening the average seems to be about 55, Coins needed.

The later location you play, the greater XP you get Every location has different tasks Investing in more expensive upgrades in the same category pays off For customers requesting several dishes, serve one to make them wait longer To get more tips, serve customers who are only asking for one dish first Try to upgrade your kitchen appliances first Game Acheivements Visit our Game Acheivements page for full details on these tasks as well as how to pass the Hidden Acheivements.

This will make the Casino available so that you can start winning 15 gems each day.


Place prepared food at the same position on the cooking table top each time. Upgrades improve the following: Do these 3 things to help you rack up gems: Based on what we've seen, it looks like you'll need to earn between above the minimum score to earn a two star rating, and between above the minimum score to earn a three star rating.

Plus, you'll gain more experience XP by fully completing one restaurant at a time. Visit each restaurant's page to view the specific recommendations. Upgrading the price of this item increases your points earnings for every customer that orders a main dish. Of course, you can buy gems directly from Google Play. Hand these treats to impatient or unhappy customers when the treat icon appears next to their order Some Interior upgrade items increase the tip amount per customer; others increase the period of time a customer will wait and still tip.

You can replay these levels to increase your XP points and coins. On each level, one or two food items will be ordered more than others.

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Upgrade your tables, chairs, etc to make your customers wait longer. Click here for more details on experience points. How To Earn Coins You earn coins every time you play a game level. You will need to click the Claim button in order to receive your reward. Don't buy a new restaurant as soon as it becomes available.

You should hit coin jackpot in the first 3 spins. You earn XP when you upgrade Kitchen and Interior items.

Cooking Fever - How To Get More Gems