20 Clever Ideas for DIY Party Decor

Homemade casino decorations for party. 20 Clever Ideas for DIY Party Decor

Find at more at Armelle Blog. When you think of homemade costume ideas for adults that work well in a casino, it's all about the glitz and glamour. Add a burst of color with the easiest DIY garlands you can make an hour before the party. Find out more at Cookie Mondays. Pile up your tables with these casino party ideas so your guests can pile up their plates!

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This makes it fun for those who have never played and then once everyone has gained some insight and built up some confidence, you can put their skills to the test at these tables run by a professional—right in the comfort of your own home! Pile dice made from painted cardboard boxes or attach red and black balloon bouquets on either homemade casino decorations for party of the door.

If you want to have something close to it and have the perfect casino party icebreaker then just hire a professional to come in. Cover the vase with paper also decorated with card suits. There are many party planning companies that have professional or semi-professional dealers for hire that you can have come to your party Not only can they run a Blackjack table for you for example, but they can also give lessons.

Bake several layers of a square 8"x8" sheet about four per cake. Craft and Creativity Wrap a band of washi tape around inexpensive plastic cups to make them more stylish. Pretty Prudent Fill balloons with confetti before you blow them up to give them this cute look.

Make a meal of it with marinated chicken wings, a deli sandwich platter, Philly steak tossed with peppers and onions, or a large chef salad loaded with ham or other cooked, cubed meat. The Moon and Me Decorate your seating area by painting your chairs with fun spray paint colors. Let the machine add up the winnings and then play out the tournament from there.

When you think of casino party ideas they almost always tend to center around gambling in some capacity. Make black and red paper liners for wine bottles or serve a bright-red punch. Not only will you manage to look like a pro at the bar, but you'll have great keepsakes, as these mugs come with your own personalized message!

Article Posted 5 years Ago Share this article. You can really play this up or go a bit more low key, but whichever route you choose it's bound to be nothing but fun, fun, fun! Crafts Unleashed Use a projector to help you make a giant sign to hang over the treat table. Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

For a centerpiece, use a large round cake decorated to look like a roulette wheel, a large casino bouquet with "flowers" of card suits -- clubs, diamonds, spades and hearts -- glued to wooden dowels, or a large bouquet with red and black balloons. In this casino party icebreaker you set up your home to look like the actual floor of a casino.

It's no gamble when you set up your buffet with these casino party ideas for foods! Skilled decorators may want to try their hand at reproducing a face card. Slot Machine Tournament Though it can be tempting to spend hours on end at an actual slot machine, this is a much cheaper way to go.

Party favorites include cosmopolitan choices like stuffed mushrooms, bacon-wrapped shrimp, and clams casino, of course! This is one party that is all about the more the better, so the sky is the limit!


Use large sheets of cardboard or butcher paper to paint slot machines, and line one entire wall to create the colorful and crowded casino setting. Frost brownies or cookies as dice for dessert, with either white frosting and black dots or green and red frosting and white dots.

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Pretty Prudent Make a cake stand using an old plate and a candlestick. Food as Decor Some food and drinks lend themselves to a casino color theme. Find out more at Craft and Creativity. Find out more at Boxwood Clippings. Bring out the washi tape to decorate utensils, make napkin rings, and to make plastic cups like the ones below.

Prefer more down-to-earth favorites? Hit the jackpot with these casino party ideas for sweet treats! Video of the Day As Your Guests Arrive Whether you use the posts flanking your front porch or simply your front door, create a large, cardboard casino sign using two uprights and a crosspiece over the door or porch with your name highlighted, such as "Janey's Casino" or "The Smith's Casino.

You can personalize it with a message of your own, making your casino night one that they're sure to remember! Click here for additional information. Find out more at A Practical Wedding.

No need to go out and buy anything, just use the dressiest and most outrageous accessories that you have in the house! Ice cupcakes with white, red, or black frosting and top each one with flashing dice for a mess-free dessert with a fun twist! One of the best casino party ideas involves you simply renting one or two slot machines, and this is easy to do.

Be sure that guests know to really dress it up and go for something glamorous. Whether you're offering soda or cocktails — or both — set your drink table up with a Vegas float mug for each of your guests.

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Working the Casino Floor What so many people love about a casino is the excitement and magic that happens on the floor. Use popsicle sticks to make a splatter paint table runner. Find out more at HGTV.

Homemade casino decorations for party