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Here are a few other download sources if you fancy saving me some bandwidth: Calling Ranges Below the setup buttons, there is a chart of calling ranges. Basic Usage There are three buttons on the top of the App for easily changing charts between hands.

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Equity of flush draw vs. Equity of AA vs.

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Get used to using ranges because they're awesome. Just as a gladiator would benefit from a sexy new weapon, a poker player benefits from Excel. Well, yeah, but they're simple and effective.

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See how your bets and raises affect how rapidly the size of the pot grows. But what exactly can you do with spreadsheets?

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If you make more than one mistake, use the Blind and Position buttons at the bottom of the App to fix it. That's just common sense, so here's a slightly more practical example of where an equity calculator like PokerStove will come in useful. Note holdem range chart is a standard format which you can copy and paste gambling experiment calculation programs such as Holdem Manager.

It allows me to see the strategy. What to do with the link you show on the Calculator? Click any combinations you want and the calculator will display the percentage they represent.

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For example if the big blind is and the ante is 50, then the percentage is

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