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But the evolution of Yes is always about new music.

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He's capable of changing his mind, but when he does, that's when things will start changing direction. I believe in the band so much so that I could see a huge renaissance if you will by making a great new exciting fresh YES record and then touring that record.

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An Aug interview with Downes had this exchange: We are starting to share things and have some plans, but nothing official. Rumours had suggested plans for some sort of album work in Feb if White was fully recovered, but he wasn't and nothing significant appears to have happened then. One of the interviewers then general hospital time slot 2015 Howe's comments gambling among students there are no plans, but speculates that Howe could readily change his mind "when the moment's right".

Asked in a Mar interviewSherwood said: YES albums are all about collaboration.

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A Sep report from a different source also had principally Howe, Sherwood and Davison writing together, with Downes also contributing, and said that material was coming together. But we have to feel that way about it.

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I think much of this is kind of an early situation that we have not yet managed to look at. In another Aug interviewDownes said creating new material is "important for any band's longevity".

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We may put some time aside over the next 6 months to do a little more of that [ So we take it slow. Het maken van albums is trouwens helemaal niet zo spannend als het lijkt te zijn.

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I have many ideas for music. Asked in a Nov interview about whether there will be a new album, White said: After that, maybe we'll put pen to paper and see what we come up with.

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Howe replied by saying he felt he was still developing as a "guitarist individually", and then said: An Aug report had that Howe, Sherwood and Davison have been writing together, with Feb as a possible time for joint writing sessions. Doe dus maar geen moeite om me te vragen of we een nieuw album gaan doen, dat zien we dan wel weer.

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We like the fact that people anticipate and enjoy new music. I'm not much for writing lyrics and melodies.

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