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The Polar Bear was like one of our decadent poets, marching up and down in his own poems. But fortunately Jumbo is not the only elephant who is so tame as to let our young folks mount for a ride, for the other elephants left at the Zoo' are trained to carry young people.

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They snored, and shook the house. The animal itself repays public curiosity with a yawn of indifference, or throws cold water on the ardour of his visitors, by suddenly plunging into his bath, and splashing every one within five yards of him.

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Check the lobby of the funeral home. Gordon, article in The Leisure Hour, May 30, But the ponderous creatures come through the tunnel to take their walks abroad in the leafy neighbourhood of the eagles' avaries.

The fatigue of the march, probably, diminished the mother's supply; and the keeper found it necessary to add to the nourishment of the calf by a certain quantity of zebu milk, which he readily took, and which agreed with him perfectly.

A member's fee on admission is 5l. Elmslie, and will, when completed, be one of the most important buildings in the society's gardens. At six o'clock he leaves his bath and retires to his bed-room. The number of carnivora is also unprecedentedly large.

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This operation is performed in a very singular manner. Visitors are admitted to the gardens of the Society without orders on Monday in every week, at 6d. But much as I loved the gardens then, I love them a thousand times more now, when the animals are decently housed and treated, called by their names and looked after by their keepers, who really understand and care for their charges.

He rarely wakes up till the latter part of the day, when his first thought is to run and tap at the door of the Giraffes, who hang out in the next room to him. The gardens and menagerie of the Society, on the north side of the Regent's Park, were opened in Its site ranges with the bear-pit and great terrace; and of the latter the structure itself will form a continuation.

WE have again to record a very interesting addition to the menagerie of the Zoological Society, which promises to be nearly as popular as the Hippopotamus acquisition of last year. A new giraffe has come, a young, guileless male; a lily, a birch-sapling, destined to be husband when he reaches puberty, of a huge female, huge in comparison with this boy, who looks at him now over a high wooden ledge with infinite scorn.

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To see the animals fed, being one of the great attractions, we append the feeding times: Wallace made a halt of three weeks in the month of September, and the Elephant then gave birth to the healthy little Calf which is now at her side. Every afternoon when the lions are fed the house is crowded, so much so that warnings to "beware of pick-pockets " are prominently displayed but on Sundays, when admission to the Gardens can only be obtained on presentation of a Fellow's order, the "function" can be seen with less difficulty.

These large animals central gambling den sleeping dogs in themselves an exhibition of the highest interest; and, in the instance of the hippopotamus and elephant calf, entirely without parallel. I would cause Miss D anguish by patting every stray dog we met in our walks, and by catching up and kissing every dirty little kitten, and the animals in the Gardens were very near and dear to my heart.

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Uncle Jonathan, Walks in and Around London, 3 ed.

Central gambling den sleeping dogs