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It is simply too inorganic in appearances to warrant such portrayals. And he is nothing like those false gods of your fairytales! Yami's first form will attempt to smash Amaterasu with either a hammer or his own body, often leaving giant holes in the ground when he misses.

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In its fourth form, Yami gains tentacle-like arms and a pair of legs and again resorts to physical attacks. The sound piece of the device is the output of the snow and ice, and on the side of the machine is a lever, which is usually frozen.

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As the darkness tries to cover all, forget not the warmth of purifying light. After stunning Yami again, using Crescent will summon an apparition of Nagiwho cuts Yami's shell in half to expose his core. Yami belched fire and ice, but the god deflected the onslaught.

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He lives up to that title, since he is very different from previous bosses. It split into five different demons, who set out to plunge Nippon back into darkness.

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However, in-game they are found in a cave near the machine. Later it is revealed that Yami was being controlled by this being and was a host for it although Akuro is actually one of the five essences of Yami and seeks the four others to become one again.

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This article is incomplete. Gallery Add an image Trivia Originally the images showing which positions to stop the cogs in were at the foot of the machine as seen in the concept art above. When he separates his body, his core will be present on a random platform, vulnerable to attack.

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However, Yami can crush Amaterasu between the sections of his body if she doesn't jump off quickly enough when his platforms recombine. Amaterasu can attack Yami for as long as possible before Blooming Yami to maximize the damage dealt.

Dealing some damage to Yami's second form will force him to release the Cherry Bomb technique.

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These attacks consist of fireballs, icicles, lightning spheres, and cursed fruits. After taking enough damage from deflected attacks, Yami's slots will display a blue circle when Power Slashed; this causes him to collapse and relinquish another of Amaterasu's Brush techniques.

Using Veil of Mist also causes the spirit of Queen Himiko to appear, who will drop several Spirit Globes for Amaterasu to heal herself with, though she will only provide Spirit Globes a limited number of times through the fight.

Yami can also fold up into a sphere and float across the battlefield while dropping a barrage of bombs directly below himself.

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By striking this lever at certain moments, the machine can be deactivated. Once Veil of Mist is recovered, lining up three blue circles will expose Yami's core, rendering him vulnerable to attack.

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Deactivation After battling the Great Tengu near the Blizzard Machine, go to the left of the machine, then use Inferno Fireburst on the lever to melt the ice on it and okami yami slot machine it usable. It can also fire missile-like clay figures and turn its arms into swords.

This fight has been described thusly: These attacks can be deflected back at Yami with Power Slash in order to damage him slightly.

Okami yami slot machine