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If you still have no post, try a different stick of ram in each slot by itself. This is because DDR3 memory modules transfer data on a bus that is 64 data bits wide, and since a byte comprises 8 bits, this equates to 8 bytes of data per transfer. If you have issues with the stick in 1 particular slot a no post for example the slot may be bad.

I'm assuming that both 4Gb RAM kits are identical part numbers. While you have the computer apart, look for blown or bulging capacitors on the mainboard and video cards etc Examples please report any caps you suspect may be bad, you can take a picture and post here if you are unsure.

It is also possible you have a bad stick of ram instead of the slot being bad, in this case the ram stick slot advice cause the same problem all slots.

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That sometimes makes a difference. Otherwise, it is not that unusual to get a board that has a non-working configuration. At this point I think it's probably wise to check the RAM for errors first, followed by the RAM voltage bumps if needed and a small one will probably be needed to see if the RAM can be made stable.

Try 1 stick of ram in 1 slot at a time remove all other ram sticks.

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The ram inst coded or anything, but it has a number gambling law in california the end of the serial saying 1 or 2. After this examination, I can conclude that the power supply is in order. After that I just kept 2 in, and thats where i am now. Your RAM is guaranteed to 2. This will take some time. When I plug the other 2 sticks in I plug the first one then 2nt one in the A1-A2.

If not, what should I replace first to resolve this issue: The problem remains the same: The easiest way to run the program would be to click either "Download-Auto installer for USB key" and install the.

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Under this convention PC is listed as PC I don't know if the memory is causing your problem, but In my 17 years experience building PCs, memory modules have by far given me the most amount of issues, from defective parts to poor compatibility. If you get no response next: Disconnect pci cards, pci-e cards - except a video card unless you have onboard in which case use the onboard video and pull the video card, hard drives, dvd drives, disconnect all usb headers as well.

If I am helping you with a problem and I have not responded within 48 hours please send me a PM. If the system gets into Windows and stays happy then all good.

As such, LRDIMM memory provides large overall maximum memory capacities, while addressing some of the performance and power consumption issues of FB memory induced by the required conversion between serial and parallel signal forms. After that, I removed the cooler and saw that the thermal paste was not spilled outside of the surface of the processor.

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Those modules are identified by an additional R in their designation, for example PCR. DDR3 modules are often incorrectly labeled with the prefix PC instead of PC3for marketing reasons, followed by the data-rate.

DDRDand capacity variants, modules can be one of the following: Edited by zingo, 05 March - The DDR3L standard is 1. Right now I am using the 3rd and 4th slot B1-B2. Fully buffered modules cannot be used with motherboards that are made for registered modules, and the different notch position physically prevents their insertion.

Of these non-standard specifications, the highest reported speed reached was equivalent to DDR, as of May Replacing the memory with different modules that are on the compatibility list would have been the first thing I would have tried.

I have no idea what causes this problem, especially, since these are my second processor and motherboard.

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There are absolutely no visible physical damage either to the processor or to the socket. If at this point you have no post screen or video etc, unplug the computer and pull the stick of ram, power back on and listen for a post fault beep code, you will need to hook up a motherboard speaker to hear any post fault code, if this is a laptop it should be built in.

When using four memory modules the voltage often needs a slight increase to maintain stability. Make sure you have the computer unplugged from power while removing or moving any hardware What I have not yet replaced is memory.

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Return the board with an explanation, and most sellers will exchange without points gambling. Trying with 1 stick at a time in all 4 slots is the best way to test everything. Did you try that yet? With intel it should be 2 slots next to each other channel 1 might be slot 0,1 and channel 2 might be 2,3.

If it fails to load or is flaky once it has loaded, then raise the RAM voltage to 1. Finally, I re-installed the cooler and made sure that I do not overtighten it. For 8Gb you will be looking at around min per pass. After removing the processor from the socket, I examined both the pins in the socket and the connectors on the processor.

It is typically used during the power-on self-test for automatic configuration of memory modules.

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Move it to the next slot until you have tried that stick in all slots by itself. I hope that you can help me and thank you in advance for your response. When I say slight increase I'm talking 0. I erased the thermal paste and purified the surface of the processor.

Then try to power on again, you can short the power button pins on the motherboard, don't worry this is exactly what the power button does. ECC memorywhich has an extra data byte lane used for correcting minor errors and detecting major errors for better reliability.

If the OS wont load with the voltage set at 2. You can also plug in a monitor and keyboard. Bandwidth is calculated by taking transfers per second and multiplying by eight. You may have a memory controller issue in which case if you have 4 slots, 2 may not work.

Now try to power on the machine. I would run passes to ensure that the RAM is error free.

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If you never get a stable system with just 1 stick of ram in 1 slot trying all sticks by themselves try removing all non-essential hardware to get into bios: Some manufacturers also round to a certain precision or round up instead. See page of your manual for details.

Just touch a metal item to both power button pins to try to power the mainboard when outside of the computer case.

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