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Blackjack 26 brushless boat. Skycraft Hobbies - Pro Boat

There's no question that boating aficionados will be in a hurry to add this Pro Boat beauty to their fleet. I then smeared a thin coat of petroleum jelly to the underside mors verdun roulette the lid and bolted it down to the box creating a form fitting and water tight seal between the box and the lid.

The Blackjack 55 has been run at the lake several more times with the same fun and excitement each time.

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The engine fired and immediately settled into a nice smooth idle. I then gunned it and thats when it flipped. The rooster tail grew noticeably and the exhaust note changed as the engine came on the pipe for the first time. With two 2 cell Lipos it weighs 4 lbs. After having lots of fun and bring it in for the day I was surprised to only have a few teaspoons of water in it. A nice feature of the rudder brackets is a port machined in to each of them in to which grease can be squirted as needed without having to first remove the rudders.

It was about this time that I made an abrupt turn without first slowing the model down a little. I am also going to silicone up the huge wire exit hole. The radio box is one of those ' GLAD' brand tupperware type boxes.

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Horizon Hobby Fieldstone Rd. The boat is well balanced for carrying by the handles and proved very useful when launching and retrieving the model in addition to loading and unloading the model at the lake. Its durable catamaran hull and steerable drive system allow the Apache 24 to cut turns at top speed and still handle beautifully.

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Here is where I critique the boat. These screws are not only easy to handle, their bright color makes them easy to find should you set them on the ground while starting the engine or filling the gas tank.

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This was well worth adding to any rc collection. Knowing catamarans do not heal in turns like a V-bottom boat does, I backed off the throttle at the end of the straight away to setup for the turn.

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Back home it was determined the foam gasket between the radio box and lid was not making a water tight seal. It is centered on the mounts molded into the hatch and hole locations are marked with a pen or pencil. A dangerously exciting catamaran hull and a quick-accelerating size motor, plus a radio and speed control are also included with this ready-to-run.

The tendency to prop walk was tremendous and I had to hold quite a bit of rudder into it to get it to track somewhat in a straight line. The choke valve on the carburetor is closed and the starter cord pulled quickly and smoothly until the engine pops signifying it is ready to start. The model responds to left and right turns equally well and figure 8 turns with the model hopping it's own wake is a blast.

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When you flip it falls against the radio box lid popping it open to the water. When I did this, the model rolled towards the outside of the turn and settled on it's back. In practice, both the clutch and the water pump work very well. The included JR XR3i transmitter is enclosed in it's own box for added padding and protection.

Gaining confidence in the boat I opened the throttle all the way. The pump has dual intakes and outlets. The jet boat doesn't have an exposed propeller, turn fins or rudder. Rudder response was good and no glitches were detected.

I will tell you my boys were excited to see this boat fly out of the water when I punched it. Water is drawn from a pair of pick-up americas most wanted casino directly in front of the rudders and routed to the pump. Another favorite of mine is to run the Blackjack close to the shore at full throttle.

All of the running gear, aside from the flex shaft and prop, is either machined and red anodized aluminum or stainless steel. However, where the wires exit the box to hook up to the motor was left wide open. Jet boats can change direction in a heartbeat, providing thrill ride after thrill ride.

One side provides cooling for the engine, the other for the exhaust header and pipe. The unsteady camera missed it but the boat lept out of the water and spun in mid air like a drill bit and landed perfectly back in the water. If you could take any hi performance vehicle and reduce its weight by Again, remember the thread locking compound.

PRB There's nothing like riding in a full-scale jet boat, from jumping waves to darting across the lake. The included ESC comes Li-Po-ready and contains a built-in voltage cutoff that allows you to safely increase the performance of the WidowMaker by simp High dense foam between the hull and canopy keeps water out of the hull and ensures your electronics stay dry.

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Features Durable catamaran hull At this point the manual strongly suggests balancing the alloy bronze Prather prop. The model looks great on the water and closely resembles the full scale ocean racers which inspired it's design. Self-righting hull Thanks to the boat's self-righting feature, it flips back over in a matter of seconds by activating the throttle.

The pipe exits the transom through a rubber O-ring supported mount to further isolate the hull from engine vibration. The purpose of this bar is to keep the two rudders aligned to each other regardless of differential loads placed on them due to uneven water conditions.

The weight of the packs themselves helps to provide stability to the ride. The tuned pipe is on the port side of the boat with plenty of air space around it so nothing gets too hot. Fuel pump suitable for gasoline Packaging Contents Assembling the stand The large box, I replaced the gasket with a small bead of automotive water pump sealant.

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Right down to the tiniest detail, the Volere is the real deal from its elaborate interior to its elegant wood finish. The now warm water is then dumped back overboard through a pair of outlets attached to the port side of the hull.

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Stand assembled Engine and gear access Flotation and tuned pipe The large molded fiberglass hatch fits the hull nicely and is secured with with a pair of red anodized and knurled thumb screws. This is one fun boat. The flex shaft comes greased, but I greased it up to make sure I was good to go.

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Blackjack 26 brushless boat